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Line Maxim

Line Maxim sink family of modern design and clean lines offers innovative and functional solutions and transcends the limits of ''wet'' kitchen area. Owing to the variegated and numerous accessories Line Maxim sinks make work in the kitchen so much easier.

Pomivalno korito z odcejalno površino

The functional washing-up and food preparation solutions are designed for the most demanding users. Namely, there is a wide array of available accessories- a stainless steel strainer bowl (colander) and tray, a glass chopping board, a pop-up waste system, as well as the large chopping board that cawls along the drainer surface.

  • Installation: inset (I), flat mount (S), flush mount (F)
  • Surface structure: SAT
  • All Alveus kitchen sinks have a 5-year warranty.

Video: Alveus Line Maxim 100

Video: Alveus Line Maxim 20

Line Maxim 10
Line Maxim 10 (I/F/S)
Line Maxim 20
Line Maxim 20 I /F / S
Line Maxim 50
Line Maxim 50 I /F / S
Line Maxim 60
Line Maxim 60 I /F / S
Line Maxim 70
Line Maxim 70 I /F / S
Line Maxim 80
Line Maxim 80 I
Line Maxim 90
Line Maxim 90 F / S
Line Maxim 100
Line Maxim 100 I /F / S
Chopping board – wood (360x220x25)
Chopping board - Line Maxim, Line
Chopping board – wood (162x156x20)
Chopping board - Line Maxim
Chopping board - safety glass (355x215x4)
Chopping board - Line Maxim, Line
Strainer bowl – stainless steel
Strainer bowl - Line Maxim, Line
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