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Kitchen sinks Pure will surely be a focal point of your kitchen. Your eyes will admire the sophisticated design, clean lines and impeccable shine.

Pomivalnik za kuhinjo Alveus

Enormous bowls will make you want to clean the dishes over and over. 

Radius 15 gives a Pure sink an elegant design and yet it makes a sink easy to clean. 

As the design itself is not enough, we upgraded the elegance of the sink with an F and S installation which makes a sink become one with the worktop. Depending on your cooking skills you can choose between seven spacious models.

Kitchen sinks PURE can be installed as flat mount inset (S) or flush mount inset (F).

Surface structure: KMB - satin bowl, brushed surface

All Alveus kitchen sinks have a 5-year warranty.

Pure 10
Pure 10 F/S ...
Pure 20
Pure 20 F / S ...
Pure 30
Pure 30 F/S ...
Pure 40
Pure 40 F/S ...
Pure 50
Pure 50 F/S ...
Pure 60
Pure 60 F/S ...
Pure 70
Pure 70 F/S ...
Chopping board - wood (418x250x20)
For sinks: Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Quadrix 50 Granital, Int...
Chopping board - safety glass (415x215x4)
black chopping board - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Crystalix, Karat ...
Chopping board – safety glass (415x215x4)
White chopping board - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Crystalix, Karat ...
TriTop 400
Cover Alveus TriTop 400 - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino 30
TriTop 340
cover Alveus TriTop 340 - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino 20
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