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Alveus received a GOLD award for innovation

We are proud to announce that Kovinoplastika Lož received a GOLD award for INNOVATION from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce of the Primorsko-Notranjska region.

Alveus received a GOLD award for innovation

The award was given for the development project "Deep-drawn stainless-steel sink with extra bowl depth", which is part of the new Alveus Line Max line.
This is the second gold award for Alveus, which is a remarkable achievement.

The goal of the project was to develop an innovative technology that, by optimizing the production process, enables the production of extremely deep dishes and thus ensures greater functionality of Alveus stainless sinks. When developing the technology, we also took into account very carefully the environment that surrounds us and managed to significantly reduce the impact on the environment, which we are even more proud of.
Top experts participated in the development of deep-drawn design technology, including Robert Levstek and Dušan Drobnič from Kovinoplastika Lož - Alveus, dr. Nikolaj Mole from the Ljubljana Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Dr. Gašper Cafuta from the company Cafuta, specialized in the development of new products and the implementation of improvements.

For the success achieved, the Alveus team and all colleagues at Kovinoplasta Lož would like to sincerely thank everyone involved for their efforts and congratulate them on the extraordinary achievement.

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