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A look into the past

We are proud of our rich history and exceptional heritage, which we have built over the years.

A look into the past

In the embrace of the picturesque Lake Cerkniško jezero, where tranquility and natural beauty intertwine, stands Alveus for decades.

For all these years here in Lož, we have been successfully shaping stainless steel into kitchen sinks adapted to different markets' times, needs, and specifications.

Challenging Beginnings

Let's start at the beginning - our story was born over fifty years ago. More precisely 1968, we started serial production of stainless steel sinks.

Like most beginnings, it was by no means easy. We had to cope with limited machinery. But that didn't stop us. Every day, we persevered to improve the quality of our products.

We manually drew drainers on hydraulic presses and welded and polished the bowls and drainers. Each operation required much physical effort and skill, but we didn't give up. 

Through hard work, we gradually improved our processes and increased productivity.

Anton Sterle, Alveus Director between the years 1986 and 2003.
The photograph was taken about a year after the introduction of the stainless steel sink production program. These were the very beginnings of implementing this program. 

The work was physically very demanding as it was mainly done manually. The photograph shows the grinding and polishing of the sink bowls. The worker holds a grinding or polishing disc in his hand, driven by a braided wire shaft (referred to as a wire rope), which causes very severe vibrations for the worker's hands. They worked in protective suits that supplied fresh air so the worker would not inhale dust particles. Even the sinks were cleaned exclusively by hand with cloths and polishing agents. 

Such heavy work caused various respiratory and joint ailments. In the 55 years to date, the technology of sink manufacturing has gradually changed and improved throughout the period, significantly contributing to the humanization of work. The introduction of numerically controlled machines for welding, grinding, polishing, and cleaning the sinks has almost eliminated heavy and health-hazardous workstations."

Export Challenges

In the following decade, we put much effort into developing programs, technology and acquiring suitable production equipment. 

This way, we improved our processes and productivity. Over time, we expanded our product range over time and started exporting Alveus products to various countries. 

"The first export of sinks began in 1972 to Italy. At that time and later, Yugoslavia had a chronic shortage of foreign currency. We had to import all the stainless steel sheets because there was no domestic quality production.

Therefore, we were forced to export sinks to earn foreign currency to import the sheets. The problem was even greater because the government took a certain portion of the export earnings from us or refunded them to us in domestic currency. 

Since we already had quality products or sinks back then, we managed to increase exports to convertible markets. The first major exports were made to Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. This was followed by extensive exports to the former Czechoslovakia, later to Germany, Austria, Poland, and France. Over the years, exports continued to increase, and by 1997, we were exporting to 48 European and other countries, so even during that period, 70% of our sales were exported." A. Sterle, Alveus Director between the years 1986 and 2003.

In this way, we built our reputation and established connections with leading companies in the industry.

Coexisting with Sensitive Nature

Sustainable development has always been extremely important to us. We have always understood the importance of coexisting with nature and the environment.

"We have always strived to introduce technologies that had minimal environmental impact. Every new equipment investment was also considered in terms of its environmental impact. 

We followed the principle that 'we are not so wealthy to buy cheap' and environmentally harmful equipment. Emissions from the company have always been under control and impeccable." A. Sterle, Alveus Director, between the years 1986 and 2003.

Even today, we operate responsibly and reduce our environmental footprint. We aim to harmonize with nature and contribute to a greener and more sustainable world.

Strong Connection with the Local Community

Alveus employs more than 100 people, most of whom come from the surrounding areas, similar to the past.

"Previously, Kovinoplastika was the largest employer in the local and wider community. 

The company was very stable and strong then, so globalization and the collapse of the former country did not affect it much. Many neighboring companies significantly reduced their production and sales, but Kovinoplastika remained stable precisely because it was already export-oriented. 

As a result of Kovinoplastika's production programs, numerous cooperatives were formed in the local and wider community, which developed into smaller companies." A. Sterle, Alveus Director, between the years 1986 and 2003.

What Does ALVEUS Mean?

The name Alveus comes from a Latin word meaning "bed" or "riverbed" of a river that follows its course. Interestingly, this natural phenomenon is also characteristic of Lake Cerknica.

Today, Alveus is synonymous with high-quality kitchen sinks and taps. 

We are proud of our diverse portfolio, allowing everyone to choose and express their identity in the kitchen. 

Modern aesthetics, high functionality, quality, and an excellent price-quality ratio characterize our sustainably-oriented products.

Let's conclude with the words of our director, Simona Celestina: "We strive to be innovative and bold. We are unafraid to try something new and different, even if it means deviating from established paths. 

By quickly adapting to changes and embracing new trends, we stand out as pioneers in the industry.  Our values, such as diversity, innovation, boldness, responsibility, and teamwork, are anchored at our company's core. Inspired by our rich history and the power of nature around us, we will continue to create products that satisfy diverse tastes and demands. 

Alveus is and will remain a reliable partner in the kitchen. 

Together with you, we build a future of innovation, quality, and inspiration."

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