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Trends of 2019 which should not be missing in the new kitchen

Even kitchens cannot avoid novelties and trends. Until last year, sterile white and white high-gloss kitchens reigned, but for this year, fashion designers predict one of the biggest changes in the color scale so far.

Trends of 2019 which should not be missing in the new kitchen

Even kitchens cannot avoid novelties and trends.

Until last year, sterile white and white high-gloss kitchens reigned, but for this year, fashion designers predict one of the biggest changes in the color scale so far.

Read what decisions will make you trendy and what modern elements can be included in your plans for a new or refurbished kitchen in order for it to follow the latest trends but still reflect your personality.

Return of black

Interior designers from all over are predicting a return of black - if most orders in 2018 included white kitchen cabinets and counters, often with high gloss, 2019 brought the biggest contradiction: cabinets in nice matte black, combined either with natural wooden kitchen countertops and shelves or with carbon black handles and a kitchen counter.

In addition to black, dark navy blue, hunters green and similar dark matte colors are also modern (the matte color lacks distinctive luster, it is dull) which will make your kitchen cozy and warm with certain appropriate additions.

Natural materials

Everything natural and organic is "in", not only when it comes to food, but also when selecting materials for your kitchen.

Elegant kitchen elements made of stainless steel and smooth glass in high-gloss white or black, will be perfectly contrasted by warm natural materials.

Shelves and kitchen counter from natural wood, glossy white surfaces with wooden drawers, leather handles instead of traditional handles ...

Industrial concrete is replaced by rustic bricks and natural stone which will make your elegant kitchen more homely, warm, organic.

Wood and other natural materials create a tempting and soothing environment in which you will want to stay. The possibilities are infinite, and the ideas on the web even more so.

Color accents

As was mentioned, with 2019 white color vanished from the most popular color arrangements used for kitchens, but if your dream kitchen is white, stay true to your taste because you will not feel well in a different kitchen.

Interior designers advise a middle path - using one daring and noticeable color accent in the middle of your white oasis.

Decide, for example, for exotic Moroccan or Spanish style tiles, intensive blue bar stools, or small accessories in a selected color that you can even change by inspiration - colorful flower pots, carpets, paintings ...

The chosen color emphasis will noticeably stimulate the entire kitchen, and you will still feel great in it.

Sinks of special designs and colors

Another trend in 2019, which we already know in Slovenia, are special and noticeable sinks.

Sinks of new and modern shapes and colors - in gold, anthracite and copper, and earthy colors, such as beige and brown, are a great hit.

Alveus offers a diverse selection of sizes and colors of sinks with the latest installation types to make your kitchen modern and trendy for many years after renovation.

Hidden storage and devices

Kitchens are becoming higher, we are increasingly seeing elements of a custom-built kitchen that range from the ceiling to the floor.

If you are thinking about this kind of order, do not forget about another trend in 2019 - a tailor-made food store which shall become one of the favorite places of your kitchen with some good planning and organization.

If you do not have a custom order option or if you are running out of space, narrow pull-out pantries are also a very useful solution.

In addition to the hidden storage, interior designers also offer creative solutions with hidden drawers, scalable working surfaces, swiveling or "kidney" shelves, which allow you to discreetly hide various kitchen appliances and containers, taking advantage of every corner of your kitchen.

Cooking is made easier with an increasing number of devices, but without occupying valuable space on the kitchen counter, as they are elegantly hidden from sight with these solutions.

Accept the Scandinavian “hygge”

Surely you have already heard of the Scandinavian “hygge” - it is a word in Danish which can not be translated directly into Slovene, but it means the art of good living, enjoyment of comfort and convenience.

The Danes believe in the art of illumination - they light candles and choose low-temperature light illuminants - and they also create a pleasant atmosphere in a clean and "uncrowded" environment that promotes relaxation.

"Less is more," thus the Danish "hygge" could be translated into Slovenian kitchens: clean the kitchen countertops of all the junk and clutter, consider rearranging the top elements or obtaining additional shelves to get more room for food preparation on the kitchen counter.

Free your space and yourself with fewer things, light a candle and enjoy a cup of tea in your beautiful kitchen!

Modern technology

Even kitchens cannot escape it - modern technology brings smart cuisines which impress at kitchen fairs every year.

In 2019, a kitchen controlled by an application was introduced at one of such fairs - by touching the screen of a smartphone or tablet the sink drain can be opened or closed, the refrigerator door opens without anyone touching it.

Experts predict the booming of modern kitchen technology in the coming years; smart devices, built-in loudspeakers, automatic or voice-controlled illumination will soon be the everyday necessity of every new kitchen.

Every year, Alveus prepares novelties with advanced features for you.

Among them is the line of Pure Up sinks which, in addition to its refined design and clean lines, also boasts a highly functional Push Pop Up with a drainage system.

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