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A modern yet timeless design with a touch of organic softness.

Črno kuhinjsko korito

big expectations  =  kitchen sinks with big bowls  =  CADIT  kitchen sinks

Depending on your expectations you may choose from  5 Cadit models in 5 different colours, which will perfectly blend into your kitchen or create with the kitchen a beautiful contrast.

Cadit models are made of high-grade composite material Granital with great characteristics:

  •  the surface is smooth and it will not lose its stone nature
  •  resistant to high temperature and thermal shock
  •  impact-proof
  •  scratch proof
  •  stain-resistant and easy to clean
  •  resistant to household chemicals.

CADIT sinks are available in 5 Granital colors:

Complement your Cadit kitchen sink with one or more stylish and functional ACCESSORIES.

Cadit 10
Available in different colors
Cadit 20
Available in different colors
Cadit 40
Available in different colors
Cadit 50
Available in different colors
Cadit 70
Available in different colors
Chopping board (440x250x20)
Chopping board - for kitchen sinks Cadit
AllRound drying rack
450x325 (mm), Usage: a...
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