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Proudly presenting our latest and most extravagant Luxal sinks collection! With its exclusive design and innovative concept, Luxal is not just a mere sink but also the focal point of your kitchen oasis.

Alveus Luxal

By merging elegance, exceptional quality, and practicality, this piece will become the heart and soul of your kitchen.

Three models, two edge styles

Luxal (depending on the model) is available with a Straight or Raised Edge Profile and a Central, Left- or Right-hand side Bowl.

Material: Stainless Steel
Installation type: Inset (I) or Sit-On

Models available: 

  • Luxal 10 (Left or Right oriented Bowl; Flat or Raised profile)
  • Luxal 20 (Central Bowl; Flat or Raised profile)
  • Luxal 30 (Left or Right oriented Bowl; Flat or Raised profile)

NEW - Alveus Quick Close Siphon

All Luxal sink models feature the new Quick Close draining system.

The Quick Close Siphon, with its elegant design and easy usability, creates a harmonious unity with the sink, ensuring a sophisticated appearance and flawless functionality.

This kitchen jewel not only dazzles with its extravagant design but also offers functionality that surpasses your expectations. It reflects a unique blend of design and usability and will undoubtedly impress anyone visiting your home.

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