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Rando Up

Kitchen sink family Rando Up is an upgraded line of high-quality and functional Rando kitchen sinks, upgraded with an elegant and functional PUSH Pop-Up siphon system. A novelty with the Rando Up family is also the way the sink is installed, which follows modern trends in the kitchen.

Kuhinjsko korito iz nerjavečega jekla

Aesthetic, functional, practical

Installation types of Rando Up kitchen sink:

'Flush mount (F)'- the surface of the sink and surface of the kitchen worktop (made of waterproof material) are on the same level. 

'Flat mount (S)'- are installed into the kitchen worktop so that a uniform working surface is created.  

The main advantage of both installation types is a seamless working surface that enables very easy cleaning and an attractive appearance.

Min. cabinet size 60 cm.

Video presentation

Material: Stainless steel (AISI 304)
Surface structure: satenast lesk (SAT)
Spacious bowl - depth: 205 mm
Bowl radius: 15 mm


  • Aesthetically hidden Overflow with Plate Alveus.
  • Hidden Waste Outlet with Magnetic Cover
  • PUSH Pop-Up Siphon System Button

Managing the PUSH Pop-Up siphon is very easy ... simply by pushing a button. Find out more about PUSH Pop Up system.

There are two models available:

Rando Up 30

Size: 795x505 mm
Bowl: 400x400x205 mm
Kitchen cabinet size: 600 mm
Layout: Reversible sink

Rando Up 50

Size: 865x505 mm
Bowl: 450x400x205 mm
Kitchen cabinet size: 600 mm
Layout: left/right 

Accessories - additional functionalities

Improve the functionality of your Rando Up sink with rich and design-perfect accessories. Available: wooden chopping board, Strainer bowl, Roll up, and various models of kitchen mixer taps.

Rando Up 50
Rando Up 50
Rando Up 30
Rando Up 30
Strainer bowl – stainless steel
For sinks: Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Crystalix, Karat, Interm...
Chopping board - wood (418x250x20)
For sinks: Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Quadrix 50 Granital, Int...
AllRound drying rack
450x325 (mm), Usage: a...
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