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Kitchen sinks Zoom are a great compromise of design and basic dimensions. Sinks are suitable for the kitchen cabinet of minimum width 45 cm. Depending on your needs and capabilities of your kitchen you can choose between three dimensions of contemporarily designed draining surface.

Kuhinjsko korito z odcejalno površino inox

Kitchen sink Zoom can be refined with additional functions by adding a wooden chopping board, a strainer basket and detergent dispenser.

Installation: Inset

Surface structure: NAT (smooth), LEI (leinen)

All Alveus kitchen sinks have a 5-year warranty.

Zoom 10
Zoom 10
Zoom 20
Zoom 20
Zoom 30
Zoom 30
Chopping board – wood (355x240x25)
Chopping board - Luno 20, Galeo 10, Zoom Maxim, Classic Pro, Elegan...
Strainer basket - chrom (345x315)
Strainer basket 345x315- Zoom Maxim, Classic Pro, Elegant, Duo, Zoo...
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