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Eight steps to a more functional kitchen without renovation

Already several times, we have written about the importance of kitchen functionality. It is good that we have everything in the right place and at hand, the reasonably arranged individual kitchen units, that we have enough space for meals preparation, and, finally, that kitchen cleaning does not require too much effort.

Eight steps to a more functional kitchen without renovation

Of course, this is very simple when planning a completely new kitchen, as the only obstacle is the place itself (the setup of windows and doors). But what if we have an existing kitchen that we do not want or cannot replace completely?

In this case, the Alveus specialists can provide you with a solution, as together with the development team, they created a range of accessories that ease the work in the kitchen, simplify the use of the washing station and offer the possibility of better use of the working surface.

Step one: The kitchen that serves you well

The first thing that makes the kitchen functional is its layout.
A kitchen triangle is a popular tool of architects when planning the kitchen: the kitchen sink, the stove and the refrigerator should form the corners of a triangle.

The distances between them should be the sides of a triangle.
But what if we do not plan a renovation and already have the kitchen set up? In this case, we should check the options given to us, regardless of the layout of the elements. We can do much on the functionality with a good organization of drawers and cabinets and by using additional storage shelves. Think about which kitchen utensils you use rarely and move them either to the highest shelves or into a cupboard outside the kitchen, from where you will take them only when you need them.

If you have not touched some kitchenware for years or perhaps have some kitchenware unused in its original packaging, you can donate it to your friend or the centre for reuse. This way, you will empty your kitchen cabinets quickly and gain a place on the shelves.

Step two: Valuable space on the worktable

After you tidied up and organised your drawers and kitchen cabinets, you gained some space.
Now it is time to say goodbye to disorder on the kitchen countertop.

Every centimetre of your worktop is valuable. You shall not reduce it with small kitchen appliances and utensils that are not in daily use.

Step three: Simply enlarge the worktop

A common problem, especially in a small kitchen, is too little work surface.
Even if we try to tidy up concurrently, we often run out of space during cooking. Alveus has ideal and inexpensive solutions that suit every kitchen: wooden chopping boards and kitchen sink covers.

Both accessories are available in different dimensions to suit various surfaces of kitchen sinks. You can simply put a suitable chopping board on your kitchen sink that fits the individual sink. In this way, we cover the kitchen sink and increase the worktop.
Some kitchen sink models also have an additional working level inside the kitchen sink.

 It allows you to put a chopping board, a strainer bowl or All-Round on it and thus gain some extra space. You can practically use the cover for the kitchen sink as an additional storage surface next to or on the kitchen sink.

Step four: Sophisticated washing station

At Alveus, we constantly think more widely, both in terms of functionality, aesthetics and different ways of usability.
Thus, Alveus kitchen sinks are more than just the kitchen sinks with a draining surface.

The kitchen sinks are comfortably deep and with modern lines, simple for use and cleaning. With a corresponding kitchen tap and accessories, the wet part of the kitchen becomes its central point – a unique washing station.
To your chosen kitchen sink, you can add a strainer bowl and a rack and thus extend its usability during and after cooking.
Why would your valuable space on the countertop be occupied with an unattractive plastic drainer for kitchenware? You can roll up your All-Round drying rack for simple drying of kitchenware and store it in the drawer when you do not need it.

For easier washing of fruit and vegetable, you can use stainless steel strainer bowls with a wooden chopping board to gain usable space during foodstuff slicing. The waste will fall directly into the
sink and thus take care of kitchen tidiness during cooking.
When handling food, we often wash our hands with soap, and it is also good to have a dishwashing detergent all the time at hand. But what when both small bottles from trade are so unattractive?
Alveus offers a solution for this – a detergent dispenser installed into the kitchen sink in a way that only its handle peers out.

Did we impress you? If you are enthusiastic about changing the entire washing station, we
recommend our Alveus lines Atrox and Quadrix Monarch. Their usability and accessories will add
an elegant appearance and multifunctionality to your kitchen.

Step five: Functional kitchen tap

A proper washing station also includes a kitchen tap that is aesthetically perfect and useful for all your culinary endeavours.

Among the most common choices of customers who search for a kitchen tap with a lot of working manoeuvrability and a pull-out handle with a shower are the following models: Billy-S, Lara-S,  Lyra-S, Siros-P and Norma. All taps are exceedingly usable and aesthetic.

Step six: Smart separated waste

A well-placed waste separation system is another example of good kitchen practice and organisation.
The times of large plastic trash containers with a hatch placed at the edge of the wall are over long ago.
It makes sense to install a separate waste collection system under the kitchen sink, although you lose one kitchen cabinet.

Recycling is a significant part of every household and the Alveus system of bins for separated waste collection Albio which can be integrated into any kitchen cabinet even later, is an ideal solution for well-organised waste separation. The kitchen waste will no longer ruin the image of your kitchen. 

You will have the bin system constantly at hand during work, and it will easily open when you open the kitchen cabinet.

Step seven: Light is indispensable

The light is one of the aspects that also influence the applicable functionality of the kitchen. We need good lighting during food preparation and cleaning. Otherwise, we may hurt ourselves during cutting or miss some crumbs during cleaning. 

Very convenient is a LED strip under the upper kitchen cabinets that illuminates the entire worktop well. However, you can install a more powerful bulb into an existing light. You will immediately notice a difference in the overall appearance of the room.

Step eight: Adapt the kitchen to your habits

Although we provided some advice for the effectual usability of your kitchen today, not all of the tips will necessarily suit you.

During cooking, you shall pay attention to how you open the drawers, with which hand you reach into them, where you put the kitchen accessories etc. The kitchen should suit your needs as at the end of the day you will be the one who uses it. You will feel good only in the kitchen, where you can work well. And this is the final touch that gives the kitchen a specific charm of individualism.

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