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7 tricks to create a festive mood in your home

The year 2020 is in many ways different from what we are used to, and this year's holidays won't be the same as we're used to. That's why we had prepared some tips for you to make your December as magical as possible and full of laughter and unforgettable moments of joy.

7 tricks to create a festive mood in your home

We will definitely remember the year 2020 because it is really different.

We have also learned some significant lessons. 

We have realized how important it is to stick together.

We have begun to appreciate our family and our friends even more.

We have found out how wonderful a small part of the world we live in.

In the business world, we have learned that some meetings can also be e-mails and how convenient is sometimes the work from home and video meeting.

We have found out how important it is to feel at home when we are at home.

In order to make this year's holidays a fond memory, we have prepared seven tricks with which you will bring the festive mood and joy into your home. 

1: Stay in touch

The holiday season also means socializing: with co-workers, family members, friends, etc.

And even in “Covid time” there is no need to give this up. There are so many ways to stay connected.

You can simply call your loved ones by video call  (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet). Everyone will be glad that you remembered them and an easy chat will be good for everyone. 

2:  Festive creations in your kitchen

Have you found a recipe that looks soooo tasty, but you have not managed to start it yet due to its lasting preparation?

Now there will be enough time also for such culinary adventures.

If you are worried about clutter, there are our Alveus kitchen sinks that are deep enough to hide all of the kitchenware accumulated during your creative work. And the washing up shall be done by the one who was the last to empty the plate.


3: Do it yourself

Many of us spend more time at home now. You can use this time creatively. Undertake your home projects.

  • You can create a family Advent calendar. Fill small labeled bags with treats and then open one of them each day together with your children and/or your partner.

  • Create Christmas greeting cards for your loved ones.
  • Browse family photos together and create your own calendar for 2021.
  • Make your own decorations for home: Advent wreath, decorations for the Christmas tree, etc.

4: Choose a nice dress and makeup even though you are at home

When it comes the time for a family dinner, put on a nice dress and makeup as if you were going out to dinner in a prestigious restaurant.

This way you will feel the magic, elegance, and uniqueness of the holidays much more easily.

5: Festive table setting

Similar as you prepare yourself for a dinner, you shall also arrange a festive table: napkins, candles, a poinsettia - all of this will ensure care that your room shines with the festive atmosphere.

Arrange your table in the colours of the Christmas tree.

This year the gold and silver shades are back in fashion and you can combine them with the blue and red colours (one or the other). These are the colours that present timeless elegance and luxury.

In the royal shades (gold, copper, bronze, and anthracite) you can find also our Alveus Premium Monarch kitchen sinks. 

The Monarch kitchen sinks boast the high gloss and elevate the entire interior to a higher level as if you were cooking in a royal kitchen.

6: Marathon of Christmas movies or cartoons

There will definitely be some grey and cold day, maybe rainy or snowy (if we have some more luck this year than last year). Such days are ideal to spend the afternoon in front of the television.

Prepare popcorn or make a warm drink. Snuggle under the blankets on the couch and turn on the TV.

7:  Together it's easier

Let us try to focus on good things that have happened to us and on the people that we are grateful for.

The difficulties and problems will pass and the close ties will remain forever.

Your Alveus team wishes you a wonderful and peaceful Christmas holidays!

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