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Kitchen tap: How to choose the right one?

Do not forget about one of the most important points when planning your new kitchen. When we look at a kitchen as a whole it is exactly the kitchen tap that is noticeably rising above the sink and becoming the centerpiece.

Kitchen tap: How to choose the right one?

Our Alveus specialists, therefore, advise you to take into consideration the following four factors when choosing your kitchen tap: appearance, functionality, properties and cleaning.

1. Kitchen tap appearance

Rising proudly above the kitchen countertop, the kitchen tap is definitely an element that draws the looks of visitors.

It is therefore important that it matches the appearance of your kitchen stylistically and aesthetically. In terms of appearance, the kitchen taps can be divided into two subsections

  • the first is the material from which they are produced and the surface treatment, i.e. brass, stainless steel, earthly tones of Granital and coloured taps of Monarch line;

  • the second is its shape – straight and minimalist lines against modern rounded lines or special shapes for demanding customers.

Materials and surface structure

The Alveus kitchen taps are made of brass and stainless steel.

Such kitchen taps are extremely durable, eternally elegant, shiny, and easy to maintain and besides that, they suit perfectly any kitchen style.

You may choose a kitchen tap with sharper and straight lines or more modern rounded lines or perhaps you prefer a popular U-shaped kitchen tap or a special one with a pull-out spout – Alveus can offer you just about everything.

  • A piece of nature – Granital: we are returning more and more to nature so thus we can notice natural materials also in the kitchens (wood, natural stone etc.).

You can combine natural, earthy tones with a kitchen tap in sandy, stone look or you can choose a kitchen tap in combination with a natural look and stainless steel.

The full range of kitchen taps in combination with granite can be found here

  • Elegance in colours – Monarch line:

the Alveus most prestigious Monarch line enchants everyone, as it offers all the beauties and properties of stainless steel, which were upgraded with special treatment in four additional colour options – gold, anthracite, copper and bronze.

These fit perfectly into a dark kitchen and upgrade it with their special shades to extremely chic and elegant, while they add a touch of glamour to a white kitchen.

We recommend a novelty, the kitchen tap Zina Monarch or the kitchen tap Slim Monarch.

  • Do you hold the principle that »black is always fashionable«? 

You can never go wrong with black colour - even when it comes to choosing the kitchen tap.

A matte black kitchen tap, in combination with some other black kitchen elements or with an entirely black kitchen will give your kitchen an industrial touch.

Dare to combine black colour with a gold shade and enhance your kitchen into an elegant, chic space.

Shape of the kitchen tap:

The kitchen taps with their shapes surpass their functional value and offer pleasure for use and eyes.

Regardless of which material of kitchen taps you choose, Alveus has in its offer the kitchen taps for every taste:

Which one do you like the most?

When choosing the kitchen tap you should not choose only with your eyes. Also the functionality of the kitchen taps is important so please just read on.

2. What do you demand from your kitchen tap?

Although your kitchen tap looks so beautiful you will not be completely satisfied with it if it does not meet your needs.

Therefore you can find in the Alveus offer a rich and technologically advanced range of kitchen taps that are distinguished by diverse functionality.

  • Kitchen taps with pull-out spout and shower 

You can find all of them here.

Today's kitchen taps are high and allow free space for handling with large kitchenware.

Many times, however, it would be easier for us to bring the tap closer to the kitchenware or to spray the salad with a wider jet or shower – therefore we developed at Alveus the kitchen taps with pull-out spouts, shower function or we combined both in the same kitchen tap. 

These models are marked with P (pull-out spout), S (shower function) and PS (both functions).

Due to their practicality the kitchen taps with a shower function or pull-out function are becoming increasingly popular in domestic households, although they were initially introduced in professional kitchens.

A novelty in our offer is an elegant kitchen tap Zeos P, which is available in a modern black or classic white version.

  • Foldable and submersible kitchen taps to be placed under the window

Če bo vaš pomivalnik pod oknom, boste potrebovali kuhinjsko armaturo, ki se bo popolnoma umaknila odpirajočemu se oknu.

Alveusova kreativna razvojna ekipa je našla popolni rešitvi tudi za zahtevnejše montaže pod okni – upogljivo pipo Columba v bolj zaobljenih linijah, ali pa potopno Norma v ravnih in čistih linijah.

  • Easy access – handle on the top

Do you often have your hands dirty or covered with dough at your culinary endeavours but you need still little water urgently or would like to wash them quickly?

To reach the handle without making a half of kitchen dirty is often »mission impossible«, isn't it?

At Alveus we have considered also such endeavours. The kitchen tap with a handle on the top is ideal, functional solution.

It provides quick and easy access to the handle. You have a choice of classic kitchen taps, for example, Cleo PS gentle Zenit and Granital look or our new beauty, a trendy kitchen tap Zina Monarc.

  • Health in the first place – connection of a water filter

Kitchen tap Aquila is intended for connecting a water filter, with help of which water can be cleaned of all impurities that impair the quality and taste of drinking water.

Two handles allow easy and simple access to water. With the right handle you can manage the supply of cold and warm water for your daily household use, while with the left handle you can access to fresh filtered, clean drinking water

3.      Cleaning tips

To keep the Alveus kitchen mixer taps clean and shiny for a long time it is best to use a soft cloth, hot water, and liquid detergent for kitchen sinks. 

Should scale build-up on the tap, remove it with 9 % acetic acid.⁠

Silver cleaners, steel wool pads, bleach, or abrasive detergents can damage the tap finish, so they should be avoided. 

Chlorine detergents (soda hypochlorite) or hydrochloric acid can have a similar effect.

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