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Alveus received the Silver Award for Best Innovation

Alveus received the Silver Award for Best Innovation

For the innovation Deep-drawn stainless steel sink with radius R40 without annealing (Middle range kitchen sink made with low range technology), the development team of Kovinoplastika Lož d.o.o. Alveus received a SILVER award for the best innovations in the Primorsko - Notranjska region. The awards are given by the Postojna Regional Chamber.

Our passion and goal is constant development and innovation, the essence of which is to make something better, more environmentally friendly and easier.

As a manufacturer of kitchen sinks, we want to offer the customer a beautifully designed and practical product for an affordable price. Kitchen sinks with large roundings are the most common, while elegant and sophisticated small radii are reserved for the higher segment.

With our innovation, we have filled this gap with a product that has intermediate rounding values (R40), but made in the way large radius containers are made.

The essence of the innovation is that there is no need to perform intermediate heat treatment and additional washing, which are energy-intensive and ecologically demanding activities.

With the new technology we will save in 5 years:

- 130 tonnes of pure nitrogen gas
- 850 MW of electricity
- 1.5 tonnes of chemicals in the treatment plant

So far, we have developed and launched LUNO and GALEO families of kitchen sinks with the newly acquired knowledge.

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