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Colours in the kitchen and sinks combinations

It is through colours that we look upon the world. When renovating an old, or choosing a new kitchen, colours, besides the selection of materials, are what most often leads us. So, it is very important which colours we choose in our home - not only because of the trends and fashion our home receives, but also because of the psychological impact that individual colours have on us. Kitchen cabinets cover a large part of the walls and surfaces in the kitchen, so it is necessary to give careful thought on which colour we will choose. In addition, there are colours of the walls, the floor and the ceiling, and of course some stylish details, such as a kitchen sink and kitchen fittings and other household appliances, the colours of which are usually combined with the colours in the kitchen.

Colours in the kitchen and sinks combinations

Psychology of colours

Colours we choose for our home are mostly a reflection of our personality.

Although later on we do not think about colours very often, they always influence our mood and our thoughts.

Colours surely have a different impact on individuals, but there are common colours that have a similar effect on most people, which can be of great help when furnishing our home.

Therefore, before buying, we need to carefully consider the selected colour decoration of our home.

For our home to be beautiful, it is not necessary to follow the latest trends - they come and go.

People who live in a home, make it beautiful with their energy – so a trick to make a colourful beautiful home is that the selected colours blend into a lovely combination.

Colour has the power to completely change the shape and size of the furniture and the entire room, and it also has a psychological impact on our well-being.

Therefore, choosing the right colour is one of the most important steps in home furnishing

With colour to the desired atmosphere in the kitchen

When choosing a colour scale for a room, just ask yourself: "What kind of atmosphere do I want to create in this room? What colours will contribute to this atmosphere?"

Browse through magazines, blogs and websites for inspiration, and let various materials you are furnishing your home with be your guide. Materials, carpets, furniture and tiles are available in less colour shades than paints for walls, so choose the ones listed first and then choose the colours for the walls.

When furnishing the kitchen, it is better if you first select the colour of the kitchen cabinets, kitchen sinks and tiles or overhead surfaces, rather than painting the walls first with your favourite colour and then adjusting everything else.

Moreover, if we think of the cost-effectiveness – the wall paints are much cheaper than the kitchen cabinets, so it is easier and cheaper to repaint the walls, if we get tired of the old colour, or want to refresh the room, rather than to buy new kitchen furniture.

Colours make three different influences on us: active, passive and neutral.

It is the kind of atmosphere we want to create in a particular room, more specifically the kitchen, that should be our first guide.

Then, we can focus on the intensity of a certain colour paint – light-coloured paints are light and airy, so they visually enlarge and brighten the room, while the dark-coloured paints are rich and warm, so they give large rooms a more intimate look. 

RED (and orange)

Raises the room energy and our adrenaline like no other colour, as it is the most intense.

It is a good choice for a living room or dining room, as it attracts people to talk, but it is not suitable for a bedroom.

Red is also the colour of ripe tomatoes, cherries and strawberries, so it is suitable for the kitchen as well, but due to its intensity it is recommended only to a small extent, only as a detail (red kitchen sink, red chairs, a red carpet, a red household appliance, a red-painted part of the wall or the kitchen...).

But be careful, please - the red and orange colours stimulate the appetite, so you may consider choosing a different colour if you want to maintain a slim figure without additional unconscious psychological stimuli.

Intense red colour, gentle tones of dark red, or rich red velvet combine wonderfully with matte kitchen sinks and kitchen taps

Or elegant black-tempered glass sinks that reflect the red colour.

If you wish a subtle contrast to the wild red colour, you can choose the granite composite colours of the sinks and fittings in anthracite, gently gay or white shades? 


The sunny yellow colour will make us feel better for sure, so it is an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, especially in corridors and smaller rooms, because it overwhelms us with new energy.

Despite its cheerfulness, the yellow colour, as the main colour, does not work well, because people in yellow-painted rooms are more likely to lose their nerves, the babies in the yellow environment are more likely to cry, since people in a predominantly yellow environment become frustrated and angry.

Again, as with the red colour, let us be guided by "less is more".

The yellow colour combines very well with a shiny stainless steel sink or a colour contrast in black or anthracite.


Blue lowers blood pressure and heartbeats.

It is believed to be the colour of reconciliation and forgiving – in lighter shades, it is usually recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Long ago it was considered that for the kitchen, we should choose light and bright blue shades, but 2019 has brought a new trend of dark, navy blue colours of the kitchen cabinets, combined with natural light wood.

These modern minimalist dark kitchens make a perfect match with the modern matte or shiny stainless steel sinks and the corresponding kitchen fittings.

In a daring combination with a golden sink and tap, we create a warm and elegant atmosphere, which is very close to the Danish »hygge« atmosphere.

In a summer holiday house by the sea, where you would like to reproduce the summer style of Malibu or Hawaii with intensive light colours, we recommend a combination of white household appliances and a kitchen sink made of white composite granite. The white walls with a few blue details will also perfectly fit.


The most restful colour for the human eye is the colour of nature - green.

While you can smartly combine it in the kitchen with the shades of fresh blue or cheerful yellow, the shades of green colour will be suitable for each room of your home.

In the kitchen, the green colour calms down and lowers the temperature.

The top kitchen design trend in 2019 is the eucalyptus green kitchens in dark shades. They will be glittering in combination with a gold or silver stainless steel kitchen sink and fittings.

The most daring will combine a gentle pink copper sink with the green kitchen. In order to allow the room to breathe, make sure that your kitchen has enough natural light with the combination of light walls and minimalist equipment.


NEUTRAL COLOURS (black, white, grey or brown

They are the basic colours in the decoration design, which keep coming back to the list of trendy colours, but their true value is their versatility.

Stick to a neutral colour as the fundamental one to create an elegantly equipped and minimalist space, or add any colour that will make the space lively and interesting.

In 2019, a very fashionable kitchen, to which the fashionistas will attach all the three colour shades of Alveus stainless steel sinks and fittings - classic silver, daring gold or elegantly pink in a "copper" shade.

If you prefer the calm and natural tones, you can combine your black, white or brown kitchen with the kitchen sinks in natural, earthy tones: natural shades of white, anthracite, chocolate brown, reddish, beige or grey. Check the kitchen sinks and fittings made of composite granite.

Say hello to the mix of colours! 

In the USA, the two-toned kitchen cabinets are the trend – the lower cabinets are in dark shades, and the upper ones are in the opposite light shade or even white.

The most interesting choice would be an everlasting stainless steel sink and fittings in shiny silver colour, which would keep your kitchen trendy for a long time and make your morning coffee even more pleasant.

If you want a kitchen that is calm and less dramatic, you will use neutral or light shades of blue or green colour. For such a kitchen, choose one of the kitchen sinks in the earth shades of granite composite material or classic stainless steel.

If your dream kitchen has a trendy design, intimate and more outstanding, get inspired with darker shades and stainless steel in silver, gold or rose gold colours.

Anyway, the selected colour should be such as to reflect your personality. Alveus products provide you the quality and everlasting shine of your kitchen sink and fittings.

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