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How to furnish a large kitchen?

Alveus have prepared for you a guide of spatial distribution for large kitchens.

How to furnish a large kitchen?

A large space that we intend to turn into a kitchen can be as challenging as a small one  - considering a kitchen triangle, a minimal number of steps, a connection between the food preparation area and cleaning area … There are many things we have to think about so therefore at Alveus we have prepared for you a guide of spatial distribution for large kitchens. In addition, our design department has supplemented it with some guidelines for the design and selection of suitable kitchen sinks so that you can become your own interior designer with this guide.


Choosing the right distribution for a large kitchen

Will your large kitchen be open, will it continue into a living room and thus also be a part of social life at your home or will it be partially closed and thus spatially separated from the living space?

Maybe it will be installed along one wall or it will be in L, U or G shape or perhaps you will add an island to it?

There are quite a few options.

Which one you choose depends on your needs and wishes.


1. Kitchen along one wall with a huge kitchen island

The kitchen along one wall and a huge kitchen island are ideal for a large and open space, especially when it continues into the dining room and living room.

In 2021 there are particularly modern kitchens surrounded by the kitchen cabinets as a frame.

The most ideal distribution of the kitchen triangle is a refrigerator at one end, a hob in the middle and a washing station on the island opposite it.

Remember that the ideal size for a kitchen triangle is between 1.2 and 2.7 metres per "side". The total circumference of the virtual triangle shall measure from 4 to 7.9 metres.

Alveus recommends that on a huge kitchen island you afford also a huge washing station or a combination of more kitchen sinks.

The first functional and aesthetic choice is certainly the Alveus hit - the kitchen sink Pure.

For all who like cooking or for large families our Alveus specialists recommend creating their dream kitchen station by using different sizes of Kombino kitchen sinks.

By combining several kitchen sinks you increase the wet part of your kitchen and thus also its functionality. We particularly recommend it for more busy kitchens - so you can put dirty dishes in one sink, wash vegetables in another and pour water into pots in the third sink. Multifunctionality in abundance!

You may choose among six Kombino sinks which you can combine with one another as you wish and thus create a washing station of your choice.

2. L-shaped kitchen

One of the most common distributions in our country is the kitchen in the L-shape.  All the kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets are placed along two walls.

Especially in large kitchens, this distribution allows you not to follow the kitchen triangle when planning but rather to arrange the kitchen according to its intended purpose - wet part, preparation part, cooking part etc.

This distribution is ideal to add a dining room or, if it is already separated from the kitchen, an island with some seats for socializing, as a breakfast room or for smaller meals.

Which kitchen sink does the Alveus design team recommend for the L-shaped kitchen? 

For a classically designed kitchen, for example, popular rustic style is an excellent choice for a kitchen sink from Rando family.

Are you deciding on a modern kitchen? An excellent supplementation in this case is the family of Stylux kitchen sinks which are made of stainless steel and enriched with innovative accessories.

3. U and G-shaped kitchen

Is your large family dynamic and do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen?

The U-shape of the kitchen will be particularly suitable for you,  as it enables an excellent working process, plenty of space for kitchen cabinets and the best possible distribution of the working triangle.

Three of four walls of the room are filled with cabinets, the white goods are nicely distributed and allow an excellent utilization of space. However, the U-shape is not for you if you have always wanted to add an island to your kitchen.

If the room is not really extremely large, the island in the U-shaped kitchen can be a hindrance at motion. However, for large spaces which you want to utilize well, the G-shaped kitchens are more appropriate 

The G-shape slows down the flow of the kitchen a bit, as we only have one entrance and/or exit to the kitchen, but this is replaced with a partial island where we are physically separated while cooking but are still a part of social life.

Alveus specialists recommend kitchen sinks Stricto or Quadrix for this type of kitchen.

The family of Stricto kitchen sinks is popular because of its functionality.

Quadrix kitchen sinks were designed with demanding users in mind, in particular large families. They allow a lot of freedom in the kitchen, but not at the expense of an elegant design and any optional combination of sinks.

Regardless of which kitchen you choose  - Alveus is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-quality kitchen sink and kitchen tap. Visit and choose yours!


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