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Is a glass kitchen sink the right choice for you?

We have prepared some questions for you that will help you to answer whether a kitchen sink made of tempered glass is the right choice for you and your kitchen.

Is a glass kitchen sink the right choice for you?

When you browse our website, social networks or take a look at Alveus kitchen sinks at our partners, the rich choice of materials, shapes and colours may confuse you at first sight.

Beside a huge number of kitchen sink models made of traditional stainless steel and durable Granital, there is an elegant, modern and completely personalized kitchen sink made of glass sometimes unjustly overlooked option.

Therefore we have prepared some questions for you that will help you to answer whether a kitchen sink made of tempered glass is the right choice for you and your kitchen.

  • Do you like high gloss?

Yes, I like the kitchen of high gloss.

If a wooden part of your kitchen is in elegant and popular high gloss treatment you will most probably agree with us.

How better to complement the kitchen that reflects elegance than with a kitchen sink that can supplement it with a smooth and highly reflective glass and provide beside that a colour emphasis that is often missing in a mono-colour kitchen?

For example, a bright red kitchen sink in the black or white high-gloss kitchen, delicate orchids or modern jungle flowers for decoration or popular Scandinavian geometric patterns that always attract attention.

The possibilities are endless and, what is the best, you can always put any colour, pattern, photography, drawing etc. to the Alveus kitchen sink.

No, I prefer the matte kitchen.

A trend that is at its peak in 2020.

Many people decide for matte treatment for the wooden part of the kitchen.
But in a completely matte kitchen we soon miss something.

The right answer for real emphasis can be just in the perfect contrast to the popular matte colour - the kitchen sink made of tempered glass that will elegantly supplement your matte kitchen.

Now, all you have to do is to find the colour and/or sample of tempered glass that will perfectly adapt to your character and style of your kitchen.
If you dislike vivid shades, the kitchen sink may be in the same colour as the rest of the kitchen, as the reflection of glass will already be sufficient contrast and suitable emphasis in comparison to the matte colour.

  • Do you have or do you plan a smaller kitchen?

In such case the glass kitchen sink is an ideal solution. The kitchen sink made of tempered glass is a true friend of smaller kitchens where we may soon feel cramped.

Namely, tempered glass is a material that reflects light and as such it is ideal for a smaller space. Like mirrors in smaller rooms, glass on the kitchen countertop has a similar effect - it optically enlarges the space and helps to "open" it by reflecting the light.

This way even in a tight place you will have a feeling that the kitchen is bright.

For smaller kitchens we suggest glass in gentle and bright shades. You shall avoid large and dark patterns.

  • Is quick and simple cleaning important to you?

This question is probably quite rhetorical as for everyone it is a goal to clean all kitchen surfaces quickly and without any larger effort after cooking so that they will look like new even after several years of use.

An excellent advantage of tempered glass is also exceptional smoothness and consequentially uncompromising hygiene.

Glass is the smoothest material and provides perfect smoothness without any holes and notches in which bacteria and microorganisms could accumulate.

Thus you will just need to wipe the edges and draining surface with a wet cloth and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth to prevent traces of limescale.

The interior of the kitchen sink is made of the highest quality stainless steel with a treatment that provides a silky surface which is simple to clean with just a soft cloth.

Only occasionally, when you thoroughly clean your kitchen, we advise you to use Alveus cleaner and stainless steel polish which will provide a timeless shine and perfect hygiene of your kitchen sink.

  • Is care for our environment important to you?

We are in a period when care for our environment is one of the most burning questions of mankind. Do you realize the importance of care for our environment and is it important to you that even your kitchen sink is environmentally friendly?

As we know, glass is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, as it is basically sand, so that it can be recycled over and over again and it presents no ecological strain for the environment.

The kitchen sink made from a combination of tempered glass and stainless steel can also be recycled and reused so that it is about the production that uses sustainable materials.

At all Alveus we strive for more energy-efficient production for which we also received the award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

  • Do you wish that your kitchen sink is in a specific tone, pattern or that it reflects you or your family?

Then you will be excited about possibilities offered by Alveus glass kitchen sinks. You can send us any graphics and/or photos, the only condition is that a minimum resolution is 250 dpi.

Some ideas: your kitchen sink can be decorated with an illustration or drawing of your child, with patterns characteristic for the Scandinavian kitchen, motivational quotes to start a day with more energy, with your favourite colour that matches perfectly with some kitchen details etc.

Just unlock your imagination and your glass kitchen sink can become a fashionable accessory of your kitchen.

We have prepared as an example some quite fresh models of glass kitchen sinks. If any of them impresses you, we will be glad to produce it for you. 

  • Do you like what you have read out or do you still have some concerns about the purchase of the glass kitchen sink?

The most common doubt of clients to whom we mention the glass kitchen sink, is its durability: »Will the glass burst in case of an accident, for example in case of impact with dropping pots or sharp objects?«

At the production of Alveus glass kitchen sinks the tempered safety glass in a thickness of 8 mm or even 10 mm is used which provides exceptional durability and strength of glass that can withstand many accidentally dropped objects.

In a rare case that the glass would not withstand the impact, it would not smash in pieces, as safety tempered glass reacts similarly to a car windshield - so it does not shatter into small pieces but only cracks and remains in one piece.

Like all other Alveus kitchen sinks, also the glass kitchen sink is provided with a 5-year guarantee.

We advise some more caution in case of large temperature changes that could adversely affect the glass.

Thus, if we would have ice on the draining surface first and then spill boiling water on this area the glass could break.


  • Who do we advise glass kitchen sinks to?

We advise glass kitchen sinks particularly to people with high aesthetic expectations and to families that wish to add variety to their kitchen and for which a simple cleaning is very important.

With the glass kitchen sink combined with high-quality stainless steel also your kitchen can step out of traditional frames and become breathtaking - like those unique kitchens that we admire on photos from the web.

What do professional interior designers think about glass kitchen sinks?

The internal designer Katarina Šauper gave us the following advice regarding the glass kitchen sinks: »The glass kitchen sinks definitely offer new possibilities in colour and pattern. The option to choose any colour and pattern is what provides endless possibilities. I suggest buyers who decide for kitchen sink with a pattern to take into consideration my advice that a patterned kitchen sink shall take on the role of a permanent decoration and emphasis in the space. The colour or pattern should be harmonised with the overall appearance of the kitchen and/or the wider living space where the glass kitchen sink is placed


I wish to have the glass kitchen sink. Which models can I choose among?

The most popular glass kitchen sinks are:

  • The premium family of glass kitchen sinks is the Crystalix family with which you will bring elegance to your home. Due to its uncompromising quality and cutting edge design the Crystalix kitchen sinks have charmed even the most demanding users. The glass thickness is as much as 10 mm.
  • With the glass kitchen sinks of Karat family, you will get top quality with a slightly different, very modern design. The Karat line is upgraded with an elegant and functional PUSH Pop-Up drain system and marked with the name Karat UP. The glass thickness of both Karat families is 8 mm.
  • The elegance, quality and possibility of personalization are characteristics of the Glassix and GlassixUP families (with Push Pop-Up drain system), with the glass thickness 8 mm. The Glassix glass kitchen sinks are available at affordable price.

Are you still not convinced if the glass kitchen sink is the right choice for your kitchen?

Read through an article here, where you will get the answer to whether a granital kitchen sink is more suitable for you and your kitchen.

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