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Kitchen trends 2020

New year, new trends. Although kitchen trends change less frequently as trends in textile industry, we can notice some new developments in the kitchens every year. These are then retained for a while or only slightly upgraded with the new year. And what will be modern in 2020?

Kitchen trends 2020

Colors, colors and colors again.

Its big comeback announces the glamorous golden color, especially in the unique highlights such as eye-catching golden kitchen sink or golden kitchen tap.

Golden kitchen sink and golden kitchen tap are certainly the biggest hits of 2020 that can make any kitchen attractive and elegant.

Take a look at the trends that will make your kitchen modern. Always take into account your taste when choosing, so that you will always feel great in your own kitchen.

Dark kitchens remain a big trend

In 2019, we were surprised by the dark kitchens.

The kitchen cabinets in forest green, navy blue, gray and black color combined with the wood warmth have flooded the latest kitchen designs.

In high-gloss or matt, combined with the natural wood or other dark colors, the dark kitchens have turned upside down the trend of white kitchens, which had been customers' favorite choice for years.

In 2020 we will still see many dark kitchens, to which the right combination of natural wood - this year walnut is particularly modern - will add a real “Hygge Touch”.

Accept the Scandinavian philosophy and remove the upper cabinets, add only hanging shelves without unnecessary things and take a breath in your airy and spacious kitchen.

In the dark-colored kitchen, you will leave a true fashion seal with the unique kitchen sink.

Are you not sure what would be the best choice?
The golden color is back in all its brilliance and it will make the dark kitchen immediately more elegant with the golden kitchen sink of modern lines.

If the golden color is not your favorite choice, Alveus sinks from the Monarch line are also available in other ultra-modern colors such as bronze, copper (rose gold) and anthracite (metal gray).

Invigorate your traditional white kitchen in an unexpected way

White color is still the most common and safest solution in European households.

If you are not planning a complete renovation, upgrading the area above the desk is the most noticeable and quick solution.

The predictions speak in favor of colorful tiles - small multicolored rectangles, mosaics, interesting patterns and a variety of colors.
If you are not quite sure, how would you like to change your tiles, you will now get the tile stickers that change your tiles immediately with just a little effort.

The large images on the toughened glass are becoming less popular and at the forefront are the details offered by various tiles.

If you have a plan for your new white kitchen but it seems to you that the smallest detail is still missing, we have the right answer for you.

In 2020 (and with upgrades probably over the next few years) you will be the most in trend when you choose a kitchen sink and kitchen tap in dramatic golden color but you can also choose a tempered glass sink and play with patterns and colors of your choice.

This will enrich your kitchen with color in an unexpected place and make it even more modern.

Kitchen desk and surface above the desk in matching color

This year it will be modern to choose a matching color of kitchen desk and surface above the desk - either made of wood or marble which is again very fashionable.

However, please just make sure that the appearance of the infinity and/or blurred line between the work surface and the wall does not become too boring.

Outstanding household appliances

Household appliances become outstanding if they are not in white color or made of stainless steel - red, blue, yellow, colorful, with a pattern, etc.

Trends from America suggest that the completely white kitchens will also get their share of colors by using colorful household appliances.

It will be interesting to monitor whether the demand on refrigerators with pattern, blue stoves etc. will arise also on the European market too.

Double isle

The most of new buildings and renovated houses have a huge central space where the openness allows unobstructed movement between the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, which is why they are so large in such spaces. Thus, in 2020 the double isle becomes a trend.

The two isles are either connected to each other by a dining desk or they stand alone - one is used to prepare dishes and the other is used to keep company with guests.

Also the hygiene is impeccable and the additional space for preparation of dishes is certainly always welcome in the kitchen. So if you have a lot of space, you can decide to place two isles in your kitchen.

"Hiding places" in the kitchen

The kitchen that can be "hidden" is becoming more and more modern - a thoughtfully designed wooden part of the kitchen that with just one move covers the work surfaces and the wet part of the kitchen.

This is particularly desirable in smaller living areas, where the preparation of food easily remains hidden for the guests. So you can enjoy in the company and continue with your work when the guests go home.

Are you too proud of the nice look of your kitchen and do not want to hide it? You can still play hide and seek, since in 2020 it is desirable that all handles are hidden. Thus, the kitchen cabinets with “press-open” system without handles are very trendy. The straight and minimalist lines will make your kitchen modern and elegant.

Smart kitchen

Electronics has become a part of our daily life and more and more often the work and obligations interfere in our home and our leisure time or even job tasks are being done at home.

Computers have moved to tablets or even phones and for many people the kitchen is the most desirable space to work from home or just to check email.

In order to keep up with these trends, the kitchens are equipped with additional sockets, charging stations, with thoughtfully designed corner to work next to the kitchen desk or isle etc.

In addition, the kitchens with integrated systems for smart devices voice control start coming to us too. In America, for example Alexa has become a real kitchen assistant who reads the recipes, writes the shopping lists, turns the lights on and off, answers the questions about food preparation, sets up the cooking times, prepares popcorn in a smart microwave and, after cooking cleans the floor with connected robotic vacuum cleaner.

The Google Home System for lighting and radio control is increasingly present in our homes and we are not far away from the futuristic, voice-controlled kitchens. Ultimately, the technology makes our everyday life easier. And why not think about that already in 2020?

We are already in the twenties of the 21st century

Compared to the same period of the previous century, the image of the home and kitchen seems to be light-years away - modern design, high-quality materials, minimalism, colors, technology etc.

But the most important thing still remains - the food is being prepared in the kitchen and the kitchen is place where the family gathers and spends time together. That is why we shall feel comfortable in it and at the same time the kitchen should be adapted to our needs and be functional and practical.

No matter what kind of kitchen you choose - after all, it does not matter to which extent your new kitchen follows the latest trends - the most important thing is that in your kitchen you enjoy cooking and spending your time with your loved ones.

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