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Line Max

Simple lines are tied together into a sophisticated design that will uplift the kitchen of any design. We manufacture all Line Max models with advanced technology only from a high-end material – premium stainless steel.

Line Max enojna pomivalna korita

Basic features and advantages of Line Max sinks

  • High volume, above-average deep bowl of 190 mm.

  • No edge drainer technology - flat drainer surface with 100% full use of drainer area.

  • Ease of use and easy cleaning due to modern straight lines and smooth surface.

  • Remote open/close waste system (Pop-up).

  • Inset (I) installation.

  • 3 models available.

Optimizing the production process to create a better product and reduce the burden on the environment

At Alveus, we strive to improve production processes to increase efficiency, reduce the burden on the environment, and at the same time provide a better product. 

By optimizing the technology of sink production, which now consumes less energy and raw materials, we have made a product (Line Max sinks) with a higher functional value for the end-user compared to the previous model made with old technology.

In the video below: Alveus RD manager on optimizing the production of Line Max

For the development project »Deep-drawn stainless-steel sink with extra bowl depth«, which is part of the new Alveus Line Max line, Alveus received a GOLD award for innovation from the Chamber of Commerce of the Primorsko-Notra region.
You can read more here.

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