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The latest colour trends in the kitchen

The latest colour trends in the kitchen still cling to elegant dark colour shades, especially black, dark blue and grey. In Europe, we like to combine them with earthy shades and wood.

The latest colour trends in the kitchen

But how to choose the right kitchen sink and kitchen tap that match a certain colour? 

Eternally shiny stainless steel or Inox is still number one when choosing the wet part of the kitchen and the ones who dare usually choose it in the shades of gold, bronze or anthracite...

In modern kitchens, more and more often we can find kitchen sinks and kitchen taps made of quality Granital material, which with its earthy shades perfectly supplements the final appearance of the kitchen. 

Something special that may perhaps charm you, is definitely the kitchen sink made of tempered glass, where you can let a free way to your imagination and choose your favourite pattern.

Choosing the colour of the kitchen is not always an easy task, so the specialists recommend that we take into account the psychology of colours and their effect on us and, above all, align the global trends with our own taste. 


Psychology of colours

If the colours are too intense, they can change the well-being and energy of the entire room. 

In recent years, the majority of buyers decide on a completely black or white kitchen and enrich it with coloured accessories. Namely, it is much easier to replace the accessories than to repaint the walls or even the kitchen cabinets. 

For example, if you really like the yellow colour, you can decide on a trendy black kitchen and supplement it with a yellow kitchen sink made of tempered glass.

Although the cheerful yellow colour is a great choice for the kitchen, it is not suitable as the main colour. In rooms with the predominant yellow colour people are more likely to lose their tempers, get frustrated and angry and babies tend to cry more in the yellow rooms. 

Read more about the effect of individual colours here.


World trends – black and white 

White colour is a classic that is present in almost every home – it is the most grateful for the combinations and it visually enlarges the space and creates lightness

For several years as the most modern kitchen is considered to be the black kitchen, supplemented by the natural appearance of wood for a pleasant warmth or more elegant marble and shiny or even gold-coloured accessories for the appearance of prestigious glamour.


Inox, Ganital or tempered glass?

Regardless of the choice of kitchen cabinets colour and worktop colour we recommend that you thoroughly think when choosing a wet part of the kitchen.

Alveus offers a wide range of kitchen sinks and kitchen taps among which you will certainly find the one that will give your kitchen the final touch.

Since all the materials from the first to the last are of top quality, it depends only on your taste, which one you choose: 

  • perhaps eternally elegant stainless steel (Inox); 
  • or you will upgrade it with one of the colour combinations from the most prestigious Alveus line Monarch
  • perhaps you will find the inspiration in nature and choose Granital, a composite material of incredible strength, but of warm appearance;
  • or you will choose a special kitchen sink made of tempered glass that can best reflect your personality. 


Eternal stainless steel 

It always proves as a good decision as it is practically indestructible, easy to maintain and clean and it is resistant to shocks and high temperatures.

Find your favourite design among 24 families of Inox kitchen sinks: Pure, Stricto, Luno, Quadrix, Galeo, Elegant, Luno, Basic and others. 

Lately, the Quadrix kitchen sink with its large bowl has been particularly popular in large households where people cook a lot and good.

Monarch Collection is a line of prestigious kitchen sinks with a special treatment of the stainless steel surface that thanks to a layer of ceramic nitride gets a unique metallic lustre. 

This not only increases the resistance to scratches but also adds four special colour shades: modern gold, bronze, copper and anthracite.

The Monarch sinks are distinguished by superior quality and unique colour shades. Additionally, we have also developed the Mix&Match combinations, where you can combine the kitchen sink with your kitchen tap in different colour shades – thus you can add a golden, bronze or copper kitchen tap and drain opening to your anthracite-coloured kitchen sink.

Do you dare?


Inspiration of nature: inspiring earthy shades of composite Granital kitchen sinks and kitchen taps

Granital kitchen sinks are available in different colours that can be found in nature: arctic white, sandy, beige, carbon black and the concrete look.

We have added four more Granital Plus colour shades with shimmering metal particles which give the sinks a prestigious appearance.

You can choose from 8 different families of Granital kitchen sinks in different sizes.  Especially for modern kitchens we recommend Atrox, Cadit or Intermezzo. 

You can combine your Granital kitchen sink with a kitchen tap from stainless steel or you may prefer a matching kitchen tap in the appearance of granite.


Made to (your) measure: kitchen sink made of tempered glass 

It will charm all those who want to have the kitchen sink in a specific colour shade,  pattern or even photo that reflects their personality. 

Let your imagination a free way, send us graphics or a photo of your choice and your new glass kitchen sink will become a fashion accessory of your kitchen.


Regardless of your choice of the materials and the appearance of your kitchen sink and kitchen tap, Alveus is a reliable Slovenian company with a long tradition and has equipped many Slovenian and foreign kitchens and knows how to impress the users again and again with its designs, with the reliable quality of the products and with their durability. 


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