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10 steps to a more organized and functional kitchen

We have prepared 10 tips of our experienced kitchen consultants for a better organized and functional kitchen and want to share them with you.

10 steps to a more organized and functional kitchen

Do you sometimes stand in the middle of your kitchen and wonder how to make it more functional?
Are you tired of walking back and forth around the kitchen, searching of certain spice from the background of a kitchen cabinet or bending under the kitchen countertop to reach a hand blender that is »hidden« deep in a corner cabinet?

Are you angry because your kitchen sink is too shallow for larger pots?

Maybe you are just about to renovate your kitchen or do you build a new property and want to avoid all these problems?

We have prepared 10 tips of our experienced kitchen consultants for a better organized and functional kitchen and want to share them with you.

1. Take advantage of storage space

We have not heard anyone saying: »There is too much storage space in my kitchen!«
More often than not there is a rule - the more kitchen cabinets and countertop surfaces you have, the more you fill.

Therefore, when planning your new kitchen or its renovation do not »save« on space and really use every corner of the kitchen. Well-designed cabinets, top cabinets up to the ceiling, added corners for storing, carefully organized cabinets and drawers and countertop emptied of all unnecessary items are the best options for a functional kitchen.

2. Add a »magic corner«

When planning your kitchen you should carefully think about how to place cabinets and shelves.
The majority of kitchens are not only straight therefore we quickly get a »dead space« such as corner cabinets.

Although they are a bit more expensive, rotating or pull-out corner elements with shelves will ease life in your kitchen.
Instead of bending over and searching among the pots these will be nicely »brought« to you from the back of your corner cabinet. It could not be more functional!

3. Perfect washing station

Although already almost every household has a dishwasher nowadays, the kitchen sink is still an indispensable center of the kitchen.
Here we perform washing, cutting, cleaning, defrosting, adding spices etc. Therefore it is extremely important that the kitchen sink is both functional and eye-catching.

The functional kitchen sink should meet the following conditions:

  • it should be big enough so that it is possible to wash larger kitchenware in it (depth of kitchen sink);
  • it should be made of high-quality material that is resistant to scratches and impacts;
  • it should enable quick discharge of water;
  • it should be easy to clean;
  • with functional accessories the kitchen sink becomes much more - it can become working surface and storage or draining surface, about which you may read more below. 

Alveus specialists suggest five most popular models of kitchen sinks that meet all criteria of functionality and are available at a reasonable price.

Choose from our range of HIT kitchen sinks: Galeo, Luno, Rando, Stricto or Antrox.

GALEO: Pure and modern design of draining surface and spacious sink are two main advantages of this useful kitchen sink that is available in three dimensions with 3 different sink sizes.
The final emphasis is given by a modern »pop-up« drainage system for remote water outflow management.

RANDO:  This award-winning high-quality Alveus kitchen sink made of stainless steel with satin finish is extremely elegant and functional. It is distinguished by simply elegant lines but its functional and comfortable sink is still in a foreground.

STRICTO: The most minimalist and modern kitchen sink in the range will impress even the most demanding tastes. Straight lines and high gloss of satin treated stainless steel will turn all views in the kitchen towards your perfect washing station.
A huge sink with an elegant straight draining surface will provide a functional comfort during daily use.

ATROX: Spacious sink has got special functionality.
In order to make work in the kitchen even easier and more pleasant, this modern designed kitchen sink has got a well-thought-out new accessory which makes the Atrox kitchen sink very versatile.
Place a smaller, larger or perforated stainless steel container of different depths on an additional, middle level and ease yourself work at cutting or draining of vegetables or simply place food or dishes in the container.

 4. System for separate waste collection instead of waste bin

Think about storing of waste already when planning your kitchen!
Waste bins that stand somewhere on the edge and are always in the way there, ruin the image of many beautiful kitchens.

If you have a possibility, plan a kitchen cabinet in the vicinity of kitchen sink for waste and arrange your own station for separate waste collection.
Alves offers refined Albio systems with separate waste bins that are installed in pull-out drawers under the kitchen countertop. Hide your waste from the eyes of your guests so that your kitchen will look even more organized in an instant!

In 2020 we presented quite a few new families/models of sinks made of stainless steel (Inox).  You can find all the latest models here.

5. Pull-out kitchen cabinets

How many times have you discarded an expired foodstuff because it was hidden in the back of the kitchen cupboard?
A pull-out storage and a spice cabinet are the perfect solutions.

A narrow pull-out kitchen cabinet for spices and foodstuffs storage certainly enable a good organization of foodstuffs.
Besides that you always know exactly which foodstuffs you have and so you will not forget about them.

When you pull out a drawer, you have all foodstuffs under control and so you can plan more efficiently your meals and timely consumption of food prior its expiration. And another tip: keep your spice cabinet next to the stove so that you have spices always at hand. This will also help you to improve your dishes as you will see the spices and thus use them more often.

6. Functional accessories

In the article we have emphasized several times, how important is clean and empty kitchen countertop for a functional kitchen.
You have put away all small household appliances, hung kitchen utensils and dishcloths, added shelves for books, flowers etc.
But there are still »faithful companions« of your washing station standing ready near the kitchen sink: dishwashing detergent, sponge, hand soap and a few other little things.

If you plan to renovate or order a new kitchen, the specialists warmly advise you Alveus accessory, developed purposely with the idea of increased functionality and better organization of the kitchen in mind.

  • Sponge will be stored in a lovely chrome plated basket or on a draining tray.
  • Next to kitchen sink only the head of elegant detergent and soap dispenser,  made either of chrome-plated plastic or brass or from stainless steel, will peer out directly from the countertop. The dispenser is simply filled under the countertop where also a container for detergent and/or hand soap is hidden. This will also facilitate cleaning, as limescale will no longer accumulate under the containers and you will enjoy your tidy kitchen.
  • With a wooden cutting board the kitchen sink can be changed into a practical working surface.  Alveus cutting board slides elegantly over the sink.
  • Your work will be also be facilitated by practical draining container made of stainless steel, that will come in handy when slicing and washing vegetable or you can simply you put down food or kitchenware to it.
  • An indispensable accessory in your kitchen will definitely become also Roll-up base, as it will allow easy draining of washed dishes.

7.  An open kitchen looks nicer with built-in household appliances

Very popular are nowadays open spaces where the kitchen continues uninterrupted into a dining room and a living room. To keep the flow in the apartment undisturbed, the kitchens often look like a huge wardrobe.

The built-in kitchen elements also hide the outstanding dishwasher and refrigerator. Thus, a view from the living room no longer stops on these focus points but rather on shiny kitchen tap or special lights above the kitchen island that you have chosen so carefully.

The kitchen looks uniform, cleaned and does not interrupt the visual flow of the entire living space.

8. Hide all small household appliances

The first impression is important and even so beautiful kitchen looks unorganized if a look first stops on the countertop full of unnecessary items.

Therefore, when planning your kitchen or its renovation, think about where you will store small kitchen appliances: the kitchen robot, toaster, electric grill, hand mixer etc.
Unless it is an appliance worth seeing, it is better to hide it either in the kitchen cabinet or on an element with shelves that you simply close - good idea are roller blinds that are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens.

9. Good lighting

Cooking and cleaning of the kitchen require good lighting.

While natural light is of course very important in creating an atmosphere, a well -lit countertop surface is important for the daily work and in the evening time to find immediately what you need.

Recessed lights can be quite expensive, therefore a cheaper alternative is a strip of LED lights that can be installed at any time under the top elements or even inside the drawers. On LED strip you can adjust the light intensity and in certain cases also different colours so that you completely personalize the light.

10. The kitchen made to measure

The world wide web can be your friend when it comes to kitchen planning as you can find many great ideas and  practical tips like the ones you read in a present article.

However, beautiful photos of idyllic kitchens can seduce you so much that you forget about the usefulness of the kitchen and, above all, the fact that kitchen is a place where we cook, keep company with others, clean up etc.

You should feel comfortable in your kitchen and all things should be at hand, otherwise the kitchen is not functional. Thus, when planning your kitchen you should deepen in yourself, in your habits and needs and create the kitchen that will perfectly suit all your needs!

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