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We have received a BRONZE innovation award at the national level: Innovation x Energy²

We are pleased to announce that Kovinoplastika Lož – ALVEUS has received a prestigious BRONZE award for innovations, presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) as recognition for the most innovative companies in Slovenia.

We have received a BRONZE innovation award at the national level: Innovation x Energy²

The central theme of this year's event was "Innovation = Idea x Energy²." The awarding of the GZS National Recognition for Best Innovations represents the highest honor for the innovative achievements of Slovenian companies, while emphasizing the importance of promoting innovation in Slovenia.

We received the bronze award for the development project "Deep-drawn stainless steel sink with exceptional bowl depth." Through this project, we have developed innovative technology and optimized the production process, resulting in reduced energy consumption and raw material usage. The outcome of our efforts is the product (Line Max sinks), which offers greater functional value to end-users compared to previous models made using old technology.

Furthermore, our efforts to conserve energy and resources have also led to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and environmental impact (over 137 tons in five years). This could be equated to planting more than 4,110 new trees by 2026.

We will continue our efforts to improve our production processes, simultaneously enhancing cost-efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring higher-quality products.

We sincerely thank the entire team for their dedication and outstanding achievement. Together, we are building a better future through innovation.

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