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Black or white kitchen?

Classic white or mysterious black? We are revealing the trends of elegant kitchens, which are impressing households all over the world! Which one is for you?

Black or white kitchen?

The meaning of black and white colour in the apartment

White colour is a classic that is present in almost every apartment – it is the most suitable for combining and gives the room airiness and purity.

White colour combines all colours of the spectrum and is therefore the most neutral of them all.   But the aforementioned positive aspect may change very quickly in the kitchen – too much of whiteness may create an impression of hospital sterility and coldness.

However, black colour is not really the right colour as it means the absence of all colours in the colour spectrum. It was once considered as a mysterious colour that looks dusky and oppressively in the apartment, so it was not a popular choice for the interior.

In recent years, however, the black colour has experienced a real renaissance - if it was considered as rare and unusual colour few years ago, nowadays black colour has become a new white one.

The most modern - also in our country - are black kitchens! But, despite the popularity of black colour we need to be careful when choosing black surfaces, as we want to create warmth and cosiness in a minimalist style, at which we like to follow the Danish hygge trend.

Do you prefer black or white kitchen?

When it comes to the surfaces of wooden parts, it is actually almost in all aspects about the taste of an individual - whether you are for classic but timeless modern white colour or will you take courage and choose a trendy black kitchen.

Even though in a still popular glossy finish (high gloss) or modern non-glossy (matte) - both will look great if you soften whiteness or blackness with well thought-out combination of warm wood which is the most suitable, especially if you like the aforementioned Danish style.

The selection of colour for kitchen sink and kitchen tap is also extremely important.

Kitchen tap and kitchen sink are more noticeable as it seems to you at first glance. If you have only dealt with the colour of the wooden parts so far, think once again!  Of course, an elegant kitchen sink and a matching kitchen tap made of high-quality and eternal stainless steel fit perfectly to any colour combination. 

Have you ever thought to supplement your black or white kitchen with a black or white kitchen sink and kitchen tap?

Within the past two years, Alveus specialists have recorded a sharp increase in orders for kitchen sinks and kitchen taps in white and black colour, which coincides with the fashion guidelines and demands of the Slovene market.

The most popular models of sinks for the black, white, or black and white kitchen we have collected for you at this link.  Granital: organic softness and incredible durability.

Granital is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional stainless steel kitchen sinks – these are kitchen sinks made of high-quality composite material Granital, which in addition to evident visual attraction have also the following excellent characteristics:

  • smooth surface,
  • incredible strength (the granite powder from which the composite is made is one of the strongest materials found on Earth), resistance to scratches and high temperatures,
  • resistance to stains,
  • allows simple and easy cleaning.

No wonder that Granital kitchen sink is a common choice of households that are looking for beautiful and durable kitchen sink which is available in different colours (beige, sandy, brown, gray concrete, arctic white and carbon black). 

The 80-percentage content of granitic dust in this composite kitchen sink gives an organic, earthy appearance and softness which perfectly softens the aforementioned coldness of excessive whiteness or the gloomy atmosphere in the black kitchen.

Carbon blackness or arctic whiteness?

Just imagine a modern black kitchen with a kitchen countertop in a gentle appearance of wood look to which the final touch is given by a black kitchen sink and black kitchen tap. With such kind of combination you will create the minimalist, purified Danish style that you admire on photos of the World Wide Web.

 Just a few green ferns and your new kitchen will enjoy the admiration of visitors and provide you with indescribable satisfaction while you will be keeping a company with your friends in a pleasant shelter of warm blackness.

 Are you perhaps more tempted to choose a white kitchen? Above all, the non-glossy finish of kitchen cabinets, i.e. white matt colour, with the wooden or granite worktop may be a perfect combination with an arctic white kitchen sink and kitchen tap which connects the whiteness in a sensible but not cold whole.

 To create the most beautiful »all-black« kitchen or a pleasant white kitchen the Alveus specialists recommend kitchen sinks from the families ATROXCADIT and FORMIC or from the SENSUAL family  for a special shape.

For your kitchen sink you may select the suitable kitchen tap or faucet from a range of our kitchen taps that we produced in various combinations with Granital, so that the appearance of the wet part of the kitchen will be perfectly completed.

Are you perhaps ready for something extravagant?

However, if granite kitchen sink has not enough shine for your taste, perhaps our MONARCH collection may be the right choice for you.

Monarch kitchen sinks and kitchen taps are designed for the most demanding tastes, as  they call for attention with their elegant lines as well as with glittering shades of gold, copper, bronze or anthracite colour of stainless steel. 

Four noble shades of top-quality stainless steel kitchen sinks and kitchen taps will add an elegant appearance to the black kitchen and soften the deep blackness and/or break the monotony in the white kitchen and give it a mystical liveliness.

Jing and Jang in the kitchen

In addition to the one-colour kitchen, in recent years more and more kitchens are getting a two-colour image. For example, the lower kitchen cabinets are in dark shades of grey, dark blue or black while he upper kitchen cabinets are white with many glass surfaces.

 Or the kitchen cabinets are white, with massive granite countertop in grey or black resting on them. Be bold and create a real Jing-Jang in your black-white kitchen: choose contrasting kitchen sink in black and/or white colour.

The main advantage of granite kitchen sink in black or white colour is the possibility that we can combine them as we like and play with colours and their combinations, whereby we are just bold enough to create the kitchen that will be the most beautiful and favourite place in our home for a long time after renovation or construction.

Won't it ?

Perhaps you are shaking your head anxiously as you read and think: »Will the traces of limecale not stay visible on the black kitchen sink? We pour a lot of everything in our kitchen sink  - will the traces of our meal residues not remain visible on it?«

Alveus is a company with a 50-year tradition and we know our products to the last detail, so therefore we know both the advantages and also disadvantages of Alveus Granital kitchen sinks and kitchen taps.

Advantages of black kitchen sinks and kitchen taps:

  • Elegant appearance
  • Bold and unusual choice
  • Simple cleaning (just wipe dry with a microfiber cloth) 
  • Eventual traces of clumsy blows and scratches are less visible

Disadvantages of black kitchen sinks and kitchen taps:

  • In order to prevent the accumulation of limescale traces, the kitchen sink surfaces should be regularly wiped with a soft cloth 
  • It is harder to notice any impurities, therefore we need good lighting above the kitchen sink.


Advantages of white kitchen sinks and kitchen taps:

  • Gentle and clean appearance,
  • Traces of limescale are invisible on the surfaces
  • Unlimited colour combinations
  • Kitchen sink is always clean as any dirt is immediately noticeable
  • Simple cleaning (just wipe dry with a microfiber cloth) 
  • Eventual traces of clumsy blows and scratches are less visible

Disadvantages of white kitchen sinks and kitchen taps:

  • Some kitchenware may leave dark traces while putting them into the sink, which can only be removed by thorough rubbing
  • Any dirt is immediately visible
  • If they are not washed out and wiped regularly, the residues of strong liquids (red wine, coffee, pumpkin oil) may be visible

Which one do you prefer? Black or white? Or maybe both?

The most popular models of sinks for the black, white, or black and white kitchen we have collected for you at this link.  Granital: organic softness and incredible durability

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