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Interview: Tjaša Klemen, interior designer

We have talked with Tjaša about interior design, especially the kitchen, about the way of her work, her motivation and inspiration for ideas etc.

Interview: Tjaša Klemen, interior designer

For the present blog, we have prepared an interview with a successful and very popular interior designer, Mrs. Tjaša Klemen from the company Asteprom.

We have talked with Tjaša about interior design, especially the kitchen, about the way of her work, her motivation and inspiration for ideas etc.

In the present interview you will find many advices on how to equip your kitchen, an insight into trends for 2020 (it has been written about this topic earlier here) and, last but not least,  tips on what kind of kitchen sink and kitchen tap would fit the best for you and your kitchen.

Hello Tjaša. Thank you for your time and your willingness to share your advice with our readers. For the beginning, we ask you to tell us a few words about yourself and your business activity. How did you start and what are you doing today?                                                            

At the beginning of my study, under the mentorship of architect Mr. Primoz Jez, I started to participate in planning of interiors and architecture and later also at implementation of planned projects.

Later I started to plan the projects alone and worked for a while on the field of residential interior only.

I am currently working in all areas of architecture but the planning of interior design and/or residential architecture still remains the greatest pleasure.

At the company Asteprom we successfully work in the field of preparing the construction, architectural, spatial and installation projects at levels from IZP, DGD, PZI to PID plans and preparing the documentation for obtaining a building permit for non-complex buildings (DNZO) and obtaining a building permit for change of intended use (DSN).

We conduct procedures for obtaining the building permits and operating permits and procedures for calculation of municipal contributions. We manage the investments and construction and conduct the supervisions of building works as well.


Let us focus on interior design only. When you meet your client for the first time ... What questions do you usually ask before you start with your work? Which information is the most important for you and essential for good performance?

I usually use my first meeting with my clients to get to know their vision and expectations, their wishes and their imagination regarding a good room. 

Actually I do not have any typical questions. I prefer a more relaxed conversation from which I can find out which type of interior would be the most suitable for the client.

If I would ask my client directly what exactly he/she wants, the answer in the most cases would be: »Something functional and with great appearance«. 

It is possible to use such words to describe every good solution. And of course, there are several good solutions for each room. And I can find the right one when I meet the client and get to know his/her wishes.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?


In everyday life, in nature, in new environment, when I am looking for a solution for a certain room and find something which I could use somewhere else.

I like to observe how people use different room. Or, how different people use the same room. It is really interesting to see how each individual interprets the room differently.


Which room do you prefer to design and which room means the biggest challenge to you?

I prefer to design room that is problematic and seems unsolvable at the first glance.  That is the moment when the best and most interesting solutions come up. Usually this is the room which is not enough spacious.


When you listen to the wishes and ideas of your clients ... what do they tell about their kitchen? What does the kitchen mean to the majority of your clients?

Most often at the beginning of planning the clients usually do not pay much attention to how the kitchen will be solved. But when I introduce them everything to pay attention to, the kitchen becomes a project for itself.

Kitchen is the room where they will spend a great deal of their valuable time. They wish to use this time as rationally as possible which is feasible only with well thought-out layout of kitchen elements. 


What do you take into consideration when designing the kitchen? What would you advise to our readers what are the most important guidelines that everybody should follow when designing and choosing equipment for the kitchen?

Above all it is important that everyone, who makes decision for a new kitchen, first shall find out how he/she alone uses the room and not how his/he mother, mother-in-law or neighbor does it.

Of course, there are some guidelines to follow, such as triangle that should be created among kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator and there is usually more than just one good layout solution.

It is always necessary to take into account the user and his/her habits.


What about colors in the kitchen? Are there any colors that are particularly appropriate for kitchen and which colors would you never suggest for the kitchen? 

Color is again a matter of each individual who will be the kitchen end user. So I do not put into foreground any particular color but I certainly advise against vivid and saturated colors as people get tired of them very soon.


How important are the kitchen sink and kitchen tap? What type of kitchen sink and kitchen tap do you suggest most often? Why?

They both together represent one of the main kitchen elements. Their usability is of key importance for good kitchen function but at the same time they also act as very important visual segment of the room.  

Most often I advise my clients to choose the largest and deepest kitchen sink possible. Namely, such kitchen sink allows putting in it even the dishes that are too big for dishwasher.


Do you have any experiences with Alveus products? Do you often advise to your clients to choose them? Why?

Yes, I really like Alveus products because they follow the trends in design very quickly.

They always move the guidelines in the field of novelties, whether with a shape or color of the products.

In addition to good design they are also of high quality. Every client has been very satisfied with Alveus product so far. And after many years, their kitchen still looks like a new one thanks to your products.

Great. We always like to hear about such experience. It is true. At Alveus we always strive to design and produce all our products keeping in mind usability, quality and, of course, attractive and modern design. 

What about you – how do you combine the beauty and usability when preparing the design?

I always put usability in the foreground. Without function also beauty does not help much. Thus, I provide quality and reasonable layout for each room first and then use some interesting details to add icing on the cake.

Do you have any special rules and/or principles at your work?

In our profession the rules more often tend to represent limitations rather than help. Therefore I try to take each project as an independent challenge and enjoy as much as possible in exploring the new solutions.


When do you know that design is good…That you can say: »Yes, this is it«?

When I come into the room over a long time and I see that it is used as it was planned. When I see that it really began to live as I expected.

As you mentioned, the most important is that kitchen is usable, functional and tailored to the habits and tastes of its user. But anyway...what are the latest trends in the field of kitchen design in 2020?

Using of natural materials and warm shades, contrasts achieved by mixing different styles within the same room. Velvet and brass will be used a lot for details and accents in interior, and also color shades that are unsaturated but they add character to the room.

And above all, creating of contrasts with elements that do not match together according to ˝rules˝.


Tjaša, thank you very much for your advices, experiences and knowledge. We wish you a lot of pleasure and success at your work.

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