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Express your character in the kitchen

If you want to give the kitchen your signature, make it truly your own, then you are in the right place.

With its extremely wide and varied product range, Alveus gives you complete freedom to express yourself!

It allows you to be authentic and equip your kitchen with a sink that will express your character.

The sink can become the focal point of your kitchen and a designer piece of furniture - why not !?

The parameters for selecting a sink

We can ensure that everyone will find something for themselves with 43 families and more than 200 models of sinks, different materials, installation methods, dimensions, colors, and custom manufacturing.

Materials, surface treatments, colors:
Stainless steel (4 different surface treatments); Monarch Collection (colors: gold, copper, bronze, and anthracite); Tempered glass (colors: black, white, custom (color, graphics or photo as desired)); Granital (colors: 5 standard colors + 4 additional shimmering shades).

Installation type:
Flush mount sinks (F), Flat mount sink (S), Inset sinks (I), Undermount sinks (U), Sit-on sinks.

Size, number of bowls, etc.
The size of the sink depends on the size and number of bowls (1 or 2) and the draining surface (if any).
The depth and radius of the bowls are also important factors when choosing a sink. In general, we can say that higher-priced sinks have deeper containers and smaller radii.

Hierarchy of Alveus sinks

The full range of Alveus sinks can be found here, with a hierarchical arrangement in the pyramid below.
The price or ranking in the pyramid of course depends on many factors such as material, method of manufacturing, size, and radius of the bowl, etc.

A pyramid showing the hierarchy of Alveus sinks

No matter whether you are looking for High-end products from a higher price range, whether you equip your kitchen in a more modest style, want modern and minimalist, or you choose the classic designs of sinks and taps in Alveus' offer you will definitely find the right solution.

High range sinks 

High-end products include all Monarch Collection models, where you will find sinks in gold, copper, bronze, or anthracite shades. There are also tempered glass sinks and high-end models of stainless steel and granital sinks.
The basic characteristics of the highest range sinks are thicker materials (stainless steel: 0.9 mm - 1 mm), smaller bowl radius (R10, R15), and, among other installation methods, the most popular at the moment F/S installation type, where the sink and the kitchen counter are practically on the same level.

Monarch Collection: Quadrix 50 in the gold shade and FS installation type. More about the Monarch Collection.

Tempered glass: Glassix Up 20 with Push Pop Up siphon. More about Glassix Up family.

Stainless steel: Kombino 50, F/S installation type. More about Kombino family.

Granital: Quadrix 50, Undermount installation type (U), available in 5 colors. More...

Middle range sinks

The middle class includes most of the stainless steel and granite models.
Considering that most models have at least 2 size versions (dimensions and number of dishes), different installation types(F/S/I/U), material structure (satin, leinen), and colors (granital sinks are available in 5 different colors ), the choice here is really huge.
The basic characteristics of mid-range sinks are slightly thinner materials (stainless steel: 0.6mm - 0.8mm) and a larger radius of bowls (R80, R100, 110).

Stainless steel: Line Maxim 10, Inset (I) installation type. More about Line Maxim family.

Stainless steel: Luno 20 + 40, Undermount (U) installation type. More about Luno family.

Granital: Atrox 50 color Concrete (G81). More about Atrox family.

Granital: Cadit 70 color Arctic (G11). More about Cadit family.

Standard range sinks

The characteristics of sinks from this range are thinner materials (stainless steel: 0.5 - 0.6 mm), shallower, and smaller sinks/bowls, and larger radii. The standard range also includes sinks with a sit-on installation type, which can be installed as the upper finishing element of one or more kitchen cabinets.

Stainless steel, Basic 170, Inset installation type (I). More about Basic family.

Stainless steel, Classic 100, Sit-on installation type. More about Classic family.

Granital: Niagara 10, color Arctic G11. More about Niagara family.

Granital: Galapagos 30, color Carbon G91


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