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Alveus' glitters of the year

The end of the year is approaching, the time in which we like to look back and remember all the good things and already look hopefully towards the new one.

Alveus' glitters of the year

At Alveus, we also like to remember and we are proud of the achievements, innovations and environmentally friendly operation of our company.

Throughout the year, the Alveus team was looking for new ways, new ideas and possibilities to bring only the top-quality products to the market, the common point of which we can describe with the slogan »EXPRESS YOURSELF«.

By joining forces with the Scandinavian trademark Stala, we are becoming stronger and we will be able to provide more and better services, anywhere.

Namely, we want to enable our customers that, with the help of our colour and style combinations of the kitchen sinks and the kitchen taps, they express their personality, their wishes and their expectations in the kitchen. 

Similar as we all wish from the year that is coming.


A quarter of a century of quality and innovation

It has passed a quarter of a century since we presented the Alveus brand to our customers in Slovenia and abroad. 

In all these years, we have become a recognizable European manufacturer of kitchen sinks and our name is a synonym for quality, superior design and usability at the same time.

Our offer includes a wide range of different kitchen sinks and kitchen taps made of stainless steelcomposite material Granital and tempered glass that satisfy even those with the most sophisticated taste. 

 In addition to following the fashion guidelines in the kitchen design, the special feature of our development team is innovation.

We enjoy our role of being the »trendsetters« - we create new lines of kitchen sinks that in a moment become a popular choice of many customers in our country and throughout Europe.

In addition to the design innovations, we also develop our own production in order to become more technologically advanced and at the same time more environmentally friendly, for which we have also received a silver award for the best innovation in the Primorska-Notranjska region.     


An overview of the Alveus innovations and the upgrades of the last year

The year 2021 brought the following ten technical and/or design innovations:

  • We have added elegant and user-friendly taps to our range of kitchen faucets Zina and ZEOS-P in Monarch colors and ZEOS-P in black and white color. 
  • We introduced a new, aesthetically attractive, functional and practical kitchen sink Rando Up and completely renewed our basic kitchen sink Alveus BASIC.
  • We found a perfect solution for the smallest kitchens - a kitchen sink with a storage surface and a glass-ceramic hob COMBI CERAL.
  • We expanded our range of accessories with usable innovations. Namely, we supplemented our detergent or soap dispensers Alveus KORK and Alveus PEAR with different colours. So you can play with the »MIX AND MATCH« system also when choosing your dispenser colour and create your own colour image in the central part of your kitchen.
  • We joined forces with the Scandinavian sink manufacturer Stala and marketed our products to the whole Scandinavian market in the Alveus Nordic collection.


One of the special features that we are particularly proud of, is the sustainable and ecological orientation of the company.

We have the underground world phenomenon Križna Jama and the unique Cerknica Lake in the immediate vicinity of our production facility, so a responsible environmental management is the significant goal for our company. Therefore we handle our production waste carefully, we develop energy-saving production, we only return through our water treatment plant purified and clean water to nature and we pack our products in the environmentally friendly packaging (we have replaced non-degradable styrofoam with cardboard). 

Our kitchen sinks from stainless steel are sustainable products, as they are 100% recyclable. Our green certificates and permits also testify about our efforts to coexist with nature: as the first Slovenian company with more than 1000 employees we received the ISO 14001 certificate for responsible environmental management and we also have the environment protection licence.


At saying goodbye to the year 2021

The last days of the year, when we count down the days and hours until New Year's Eve, are usually in an atmosphere of conclusions and pre-festive parties. After the whole year of rush people calm down a bit, devote themselves to each other and overwhelm their co-workers, business partners, colleagues, friends and loved ones with good wishes. We make our own conclusions, such as: what have I done well this year, in what and how can I still improve etc.

The year 2021 was certainly a year of trials for all of us. But we can learn something from them: we know and we can. Each for himself and together. But always forward, never back. Let this be our companion that we take with us into the new year.

What does the future hold?

The team of Alveus specialists does not stop at the award received, the certificate obtained or even the products sold. The further innovations, the search for even better solutions and the fulfilment of the wishes of our customers are our passion, which will also guide us in 2022. 

With diligence and excellent results, our ambition is to become one of the three leading European providers of kitchen sinks. With the positive attitude of our employees, the top-level results and the satisfied customers, our common future is truly glittering. Similar as are our kitchen sinks!

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