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Trends in kitchen 2021

New year - new hope, new ideas, new.... kitchen?

Trends in kitchen 2021

We have collected for you 11 trends that forecast new guidelines in 2021, in combination with some specific Alveus solutions.

When we talk about the kitchen, some trends arFFe timeless. We always want a clean, functional, and practical kitchen.

However, new trends in the choice of materials, colours, and ideas on how to further improve the functionality of the kitchen emerge every year.


1. Stainless steel  - a classic that never goes out of style

Shiny, elegant, classic - stainless steel is still a winning combination, regardless of your kitchen choice.

2. Natural attraction of Granital

Granital is a composite kitchen sink made of a technical material which is obtained by mixing more than 90% of granite powder and special materials. The result is an extremely solid, durable kitchen sink that is easy to maintain.

Granital kitchen sinks are at the very top of this year's trends - mainly because of the colour: natural, earthly tones that will be in the foreground in 2021.

A hit in interior design in 2021 is also a dark walnut colour which can be perfectly combined with brown and sandy tones of the kitchen sinks and kitchen taps.


3. Monarch - for a special look

The trend in 2021 dictates a few more kitchen colours: black, navy blue, and dark green.

The ideal pair to these colours is the Monarch line which is the most prestigious one from Alveus.

Monarch is the line at which, through special treatment, four exclusive colours are added to the stainless steel - anthracite grey, bronze, gold, and copper.

Nowadays, the dark kitchen with a gold kitchen sink, kitchen tap, and handles on a wooden part is on the rise. Do you dare to be different?


4. Quarzite

A new hit in the world is a technical material called Quarzite, which is durable, affordable, beautiful, and quite environmentally friendly.

5. Eternal wood

Many European kitchens stay true to the wooden kitchen countertop.

Wood is a sustainable material, it is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean.

In 2021 the trend moves to the selection of dark wood - the colour of walnut is back and it moves from the dark kitchen surfaces to the kitchen cabinets too.

6. Dramatic darkness

Whether it is wood, Quarzite in dark tones, or other materials for countertops - a hot choice in 2021 is a countertop in dark colours - black, anthracite, dark brown.


7. Light shades of wooden parts in the kitchen

Light shades are particularly recommended in small and dark rooms.

In fact, all materials of kitchen sinks and kitchen taps are suitable for the kitchen in light shades  - it depends on what effect you want to achieve.

If you want to add some shine to a classic kitchen, you shall decide on stainless steel.

If you want natural calmness, strong contrast, or colour matching, you shall choose Granital kitchen sinks in brown or grey, black and white colour.

If you want a dramatic effect you shall add some colour to your kitchen with the Monarch kitchen sink and kitchen tap in gold, copper, bronze, or metallic grey.

8. Ultra-modern dark kitchens

Already in 2020, the World Wide Web was flooded with dark kitchens - but if these followed the calm Scandinavian trend with the combination of blackness and natural wood last year, the kitchens in 2021 scream for colours.

The biggest hit is gold and also bronze and copper shades are an excellent choice.


9. Completely built-in kitchen sink

Currently, the most desirable installation methods are the following:

  • flush mount kitchen sink (F) where the kitchen sink is installed in the countertop so that the upper edge of the sink is in the same plane as the kitchen countertop; 

  • undermount kitchen sink (U) where the kitchen sink is installed below the kitchen countertop and the edge of the sink is covered with the surface of the countertop made of natural stone or composite materials.  


You may read more about installation methods here.

10. Hide what can be hidden

If you want to have a modern kitchen and especially if you want to create the look of an always clean and tidy kitchen, you shall just put all the things in the kitchen cabinets.

The only thing that may disturb the tidiness in your kitchen is an ugly plastic basket somewhere on the floor.

Alveus offers excellent systems for separate waste collection - pull-out bins that are hidden in the kitchen cabinet. Why would you not keep your trash tidy and hidden from the view of your guests?


11. Small secrets - great solutions

Alveus has specialists in its development team who carefully study the habits of customers in the kitchen.

To fulfill even small wishes, they have developed some smart accessories for the kitchen which, however, have a great impact on the kitchen functionality.


Thus, with aesthetic small baskets for sponge and cloths and with small dispenser for soap or detergent, which is mounted directly under the countertop so that only the head of dispenser can be seen, the space for storing everyday items for cleaning in the wet part of the kitchen is arranged incomparably.

Take a look at other small Alveus solutions for the kitchen.

Did you get any ideas?


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