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Alveus follows the trends: stainless steel

Alveus started its successful way as a brand just with the kitchen sinks from stainless steel.

Alveus follows the trends: stainless steel

Stainless steel, »rustless« or Inox is one of the most popular materials in the kitchen.  

Thus, in half a century, our specialists have developed the kitchen sinks to the last details, made of high-quality stainless steel and at the same time in the line with the latest trends in interior design.


But why shall you choose Inox? 

Stainless steel is extremely easy to care for, eternally modern and up-to-date, and last but not least, it is an ecological decision.

Alveus uses only steel

  • of the highest quality that ensures 

  • the long service life of the kitchen sink and 

  • the satisfaction of customers who, with the right care, can enjoy their kitchen sinks and kitchen taps for many years.

Our Alveus specialists have developed four different stainless steel surface treatments that further expand the choice and possibilities for the final appearance of your kitchen sink:

  • NAT - untreated and unpolished steel which makes the kitchen sink semi-shiny and smooth;

  • BRS - brushed steel in a darker matte shade with an elegant scratched  appearance;

  • SAT  - silk steel treatment with satin shine;

  • LEI - Linen surface with a miniature pattern that makes the appearance even more resistant to small scratches.

Which treatment you choose depends entirely upon your taste, the complexity of use of your kitchen and the general aesthetic appearance that you want to achieve in your kitchen.


Inox - a grateful and ecological material

Stainless steel has many positive characteristics that we are looking for when equipping a kitchen:

  • it is simple for cleaning,

  • resistant to impacts,

  • resistant to chemical influences and 

  • resistant to high temperatures.

In practice, this means that you can safely pour hot water into the kitchen sink while cooking and do not need to worry if any kitchenware slips out of your hands while you are handling it in the kitchen sink.

As its name suggests, stainless steel does not rust if we handle it properly.

You just have to be careful that you do not scratch it unintentionally with sharp edges, such as the tip of a blade.


Cleaning of stainless steel kitchen sinks

Cleaning of the kitchen sinks is quite simple, as you only need a soft cloth, mild detergent and water.

You shall occasionally wipe the kitchen sink and kitchen tap with a damp, soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth and a mild detergent or Alveus household cleaner.

Then you shall quickly wipe them dry to remove all traces of water.

When choosing a cleaner, make sure that it is non-aggressive and free of abrasive particles so that you do not cause any unwanted scratches on the steel.

Furthermore, the following is not suitable for cleaning stainless steel: cleaners for silver, steel wool for cleaning or bleach.


Sustainable decision

Choosing a kitchen sink made of stainless steel is also a sustainable decision, as steel is the material that can be fully recycled at the end of its service life.

Furthermore, at Alveus we are constantly improving our production to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Thus, our production is low-energy, we return only purified and clean water to nature, we have replaced packaging waste materials with more environmentally friendly packaging and were also among the first companies with the environmental protection certificate in Slovenia.


In step with the trends - our families of kitchen sinks

Alveus has already developed 24 families of stainless steel kitchen sinks among which you will certainly find a sink for your taste: from classical up to the most trendy minimalist lines, from the smallest round to the huge rectangular or double sinks.

The fans of classical, traditional shapes with more rounded edges and practical draining surfaces at the side will definitely like the PraktikLine and Zoom MaximMoreElegantFormBasic and Classic families.

Elegant design, straight lines and modern design are the features that distinguish the families StyluxPure and Pure UpStrictoQuadix and Kombino.

The intermediate way between the classical and ultra-modern appearance form the families Rando and Rando UpVariantGaleo and Luno.


Monarch - the most modern one from stainless steel offer 

When we mention the kitchen sinks families, we cannot overlook the most glamorous Monarch kitchen sinks from Alveus.

These are the kitchen sinks from our most versatile families - Line, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Variant and Form - to which we have added, thanks to a special treatment of stainless steel, a metallic shine in four glamorous colour shades: gold, copper, bronze and anthracite.


The kitchen sinks from the Monarch line, with their unique colours and superior design, are suitable for ultra-modern kitchens, for black kitchens to which they add a glamorous look with different colour combinations or for all those who wish to achieve a »wow« effect with an unexpected colour combination and modern kitchen sink and kitchen tap. 


You shall not miss the novelties: Monarch Kombino 20 and Monarch Pure 70

Two completely different kitchen sinks, but similar in production, material and shape.

The first one is small and compact and the second will fascinate you with its enormous bowl.

Favourites of our customers: Stricto and Maxim

Line Maxim and Zoom Maxim are the families of kitchen sinks that represent an excellent compromise of design, accessories and basic dimensions.

Zoom Maximwith its classical design and small bowl, suitable for 45 cm wide kitchen cabinets, is a popular choice for smaller kitchens and kitchen niches in business premises and workshops.

Line Maxim are the kitchen sinks that are particularly popular with the customers, as their classic shape with a draining surface is upgraded with a more modern design and a diverse range of accessories that make the work in the kitchen easier.

Stricto kitchen sinks are among the most modern versions in terms of design, as they are characterized by smooth and flat surfaces. As a special feature, the kitchen tap has been moved to the side of the kitchen sink, which enables even easier handling in the bowl and on the draining surface and the kitchen tap does not bother. 


If you were not convinced so far yet, we certainly reassured you that Inox is the right choice for your kitchen. 

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