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Customized kitchen with Alveus kitchen sinks and kitchen taps

At Alveus we offer you kitchen sinks and kitchen taps of the highest quality without compromising elegant and modern design.

Customized kitchen with Alveus kitchen sinks and kitchen taps

Everyone builds or renovates his home in a wish to feel as comfortable as possible in it.

However, we only feel comfortable in the ambience that we like, where we are surrounded with furniture and accessories with which we are satisfied both aesthetically and functionally.

But we have to admit that when furnishing the home, aesthetics sometimes prevails over functionality.

If we can keep both, let this become our first choice.

We, therefore, offer you kitchen sinks and kitchen taps of the highest quality at Alveus without making any compromises on elegant and modern design.

Moreover, with an extremely wide offer, materials, colours, and customized manufacturing we hope to ensure that everyone can find something for himself.

Kitchen sink and kitchen tap  -  designer pieces of furniture in your kitchen

With the development of technology, the kitchen sink and the kitchen tap have become real designer pieces in the kitchen. 

At Alveus we devote a lot of energy to developing new ways on how to follow the global design trends.

From once robust kitchen sinks and ordinary kitchen taps, our group of designers has developed modern, minimalist pieces in different designs, materials, and colours which complement each other perfectly.

With new production methods, we have achieved clean and modern lines, fewer curves, and deeper bowls.

Alveus - unique as you are

If you are in the phase of planning a new kitchen, you have probably already visited or one of our partner branches of Slovenia.

Do you know that Alveus offers as many as 43 families of kitchen sinks?

Our specialty is kitchen sinks in the combination of stainless steel and tempered glass which can be produced in any colour or pattern. Are you unique and proud of this? Let this be reflected in your kitchen sink too!

With 41 designs of kitchen taps that are also available in different colors and designs, we offer almost countless design and color combinations of kitchen sinks and kitchen taps.

From simple, ultra-modern, to unique wishes - Alveus fulfills all of your needs!

What to choose?

Are you already wrinkling your forehead because you do not know what to choose?

Don't worry, on you may use Alveus Configurator to help you narrow your selection and offer the answers in the palm of your hand.

Will the breaking point be the price, maybe the material, the number of bowls, the orientation, or perhaps something more unique, like the colour?


The prices of the kitchen sinks depend of course on the size of the kitchen sink bowl, material, treatment, etc. The cheapest small kitchen sink Basic 10 is available for just under 70 Euros.

The prices of the majority of kitchen taps are between 80 and 190 Euros and special models in terms of material and function cost around 250 Euros.



In Configurator you may tick off the following materials from which our kitchen sinks and kitchen taps are made (the latter are either combined or treated with special coatings that reproduce the appearance of the kitchen sink): 

Here you may find your kitchen sink according to the corresponding material.


Considering the direction to which the kitchen sink is turned during installation we distinguish among the left, right un-oriented, reversible and corner sink (the kitchen tap shall be adapted to the sink orientation too).



The colour of the kitchen sink and kitchen tap depends on the chosen material - the largest colour palette is available at Granital kitchen sinks and the most colourful at the Monarch line. 

As a special feature stands out our kitchen sink from a unique pattern of tempered glass which we can manufacture completely according to your wishes. Let it be as unique and special as you want.

You may find an article on the topic of colours in the kitchen here.

Installation and number of bowls:

The kitchen sinks can be installed into the kitchen countertop in four different ways - so that the edge is above, parallel to, or under the countertop, and the Classic Pro kitchen sink in one piece, where the edge of the kitchen sink is also the edge of the worktop at the same time, which is called a top-mount installation.

Regarding the number of bowls that make your daily cooking easier, we distinguish between the kitchen sinks with 1 bowl or 2 bowls.

We recommend the latter in the households where a lot of kitchenware is washed by hand and/or for larger households. While one part of the kitchenware is being drained, you may normally use the other bowl.

You may read more about the types of kitchen sinks installation here.


Minimum width of kitchen cabinet:

With this item, you may narrow the selection in Configurator. 

If you have very little space in your kitchen and narrower kitchen cabinets, the kitchen sink should be adapted to that too. Or if you want a distinctly large wet part of the kitchen, you shall tick off the larger width of the kitchen cabinet.



Last but not least, you may select the individual families and thus find your dream kitchen sink more quickly.

If you prefer sharper, more minimalist lines you shall tick off the similarly shaped families of the kitchen sinks, for example, Rock, Quadrix, Formic, Stylus, Pure, etc.

However,  if you prefer curves, you shall tick off the families Elegant, Form, More, Zoom, etc.

Discover all the families of the Alveus kitchen sinks concerning the type of material: 


Alves is your partner in choosing the central space of your home  - the kitchen. With Alveus you definitely choose quality, aesthetics, and uniqueness!

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